The customer is not always king

Customer is a king, no not always

For me the way people treat restaurant staff reveals a person’s character.

Customers who treat waiters as ‘slaves’ or ‘servants’ … I consider them as the ‘scum of earth’ and not ‘kings’.

A man (or woman) who, for no reason, is actively unpleasant to waiters .. my advice is to avoided them. Also those who patronize waiters and other service offering staff. People that treat waiters as though they were invisible … are all cretins! They think that it is a sign of sophistication … NOT!

Is the customers rudeness in restaurants on the rise? It seems (unfortunately) to be true. Most times I visit a restaurant or cafe here in Madeira Island I have watched and appalled, how certain customers on a nearby table has harangued their waitress beyond the point of reason. Both tourists and locals.

For a few restaurants visitors it seems their manners have disappeared completely and think their should demand more from the restaurant staff. It seems that they are convinced that the restaurant needs them more than they need the restaurant … and this gives them license to bully.

I remember these so called customers faces so that when I (by any chance) come them across on for example Facebook … I will block them immediately. I don’t want them to pollute my timeline with their presence or thoughts. Or if I see they are working in a store or offering some kind of business … I will refuse to be their client or offer my business to them.

Customer is a king, no not always

Anyone that believes that waiters should be treated as servants or thinks that they don’t deserve any respect or sympathy … then you better make yourself known … so that I can mark you as a despicable person on my list.

If a waiter comes to you and communicates with a smile … and then you don’t even respond back with a smile? F*ck off! Go home and stay there! Give room to those who really appreciate the service they are receiving.

I hate racists and I hate people who think that they are better than others. For me they are both in the same ‘bag of s**t’.

Yes … as you have noticed these ‘scum’ trigger my aggressive side. I think most of my friends don’t know me like this and is because I try not to show it on the surface. However this is different in my inner body and mind … when I see these kind of things happening then I am not able to suppress the upcoming anger (inside of me).

For me no one is below me also no one is above me.

I have written all this by way of a plea … please treat people who offers you a service (i.e. waiter) as a human being. Respect them and they will respect you back.

I am aware that it is annoying when things are not going well … for example you are given a hefty bill when during the experience you have been wondering why the table that came in after you was served before you. But don’t forget that waiters are just like messengers most of the time, and it is wrong to shoot them, … despite of the bad news.

Please consider this: if you never have had a restaurant or worked in one … then you probably don’t know the half of it.

Interview with journalist Claudine Moitié

Interview with Claudine Moitié, aka clok_moitie on Flickr, photographer from France.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into photography?

First of all, let me thank you, and I would want to thank the inhabitants of Madeira for their welcomed.
I’m a French journalist, words side, but working for 25 years with photojournalists.

Shared curiosity
Shared curiosity

Two years ago I discovered the app Instagram, which was ‘born’ only a few months ago. I looked for visual information about the world. The interest was on a professional level. Then I discovered the warmer social network I ever knew, and a bunch of amazing creative photographers. I got hooked and discovered the pleasure(s) of photography, at first with my mobile then with a SLR too, thanks to another social network, Tumblr.

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Interview with photographer ‘Jaf-Photo’

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into photography?

Thank you for asking me. I am a civil servant who took up digital photography about two years ago. A long time ago, I used to shoot black and white film. I still like that aesthetic, but digital is so much faster and more fun.

Golden Light
Golden Light

We say that Madeira Island is an excellent destination for photographers. Do you agree? If so, why?

It’s perfect. The island has very varied scenery and beautiful light conditions that change often. The towns and villages are very photogenic, as are the locals.

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Interview with the makers of ‘WalkMe’

What is WalkMe?

WalkMeWalkMe is an iOS and Android mobile application that aims to be a guide to all hikers in Madeira Island and Porto Santo, providing useful information about the levada walks such as photos, description, map, ways to get to the levada and much more. You can use this application either for planning or during the levada walk.


Is Madeira just for oldies?

Those who says that “Madeira is just for oldies” have not yet discovered the real Madeira! On the other hand it could be that they are our loyal visitors that are saying this in order to keep this beloved destination a secret :mrgreen:

Watch the promotional video of Rui Martins (RumaVideo) and make your own conclusion:

By the way … most the oldies are relaxing in the city … while others are on adventure elsewhere on the islands.

Magnificent Madeira

This is one second most beautiful video of Madeira Island that I have come across on the Web. This video is entitled “Magnificent Madeira” made by Pavel Masek from the Czech Republic.

This video is truly a homage to the Madeira Nature and a perfect example how one should be celebrating its beauty.

Festival do Atlantico, Funchal, Madeira Island

Festival do Atlantico, Funchal, Madeira Island
Festival do Atlantico, Funchal, Madeira Island

The Atlantic Festival is an event organized by the Regional Secretariat of Culture, Tourism and Transport which combines entertainment and culture.

This festival sets the beginning of the summer season in Madeira and includes a miscellaneous of initiatives which extend throughout the month of June: the Madeira Music Festival, the Regional Arts Week and musical fireworks shows. These nightly shows combine fireworks and music, and occur on the pier at Pontinha (Port of Funchal) at 10.30pm on all four Saturdays of the month – the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th.

The Madeira Music Festival takes place during the first half of June and its programme is comprised of various genres, styles and repertoires in order to appeal to all types of audiences with performances by Portuguese and international performers.

The Regional Arts Week, organized by the Coordination Office of Arts Education | SREC, offers a series of events that take place in the central squares of Avenida Arriaga, at InfoArt of the SRT/DRT an in the Auditorium of the Municipal Gardens, such at the Garden Party, Regional Artistic Encounters, the Regional Exhibition of Artistic Expression and MÚSICAebs.

Source: Turismo da Madeira

Madeira Atlantic Festival – Happy?

Fireworks in Funchal
Fireworks in Funchal

The Atlantic Festival, an event that marks the beginning of the summer season in Madeira, will this year integrate a diverse set of initiatives spread throughout the month of June, most importantly the International Fireworks Competition in Madeira; the Madeira Music Festival; the Regional Arts Week; and the “25th Tour of Madeira in Classic Cars – Classic Car Rally”.

The Madeira International Fireworks Competition will be held on four consecutive Saturdays of the month of June, at 10:30pm at the pier outside the Pontinha, with wonderful and exciting performances, lasting about 20 minutes each, which combine fireworks and music in a unique experience for tourists and residents.

Cosmetic Surgery Madeira (interview)

Cosmetic Surgery Madeira Island
Renewed person on Madeira Island

Dr Manuel Figueiroa is a cosmetic surgeon with exceptional experience and qualifications. He is also the Head of the Cosmetic Surgery division at Santa Catarina Hospital.

Dr Manuel Figueiroa has been operating for over 30 years, inspiring confidence in every patient he has treated. During this time he has developed a thorough understanding of the many reasons why people choose to have cosmetic surgery as well as the positive impact it has on their confidence and how they feel about themselves.

We interviewed Dr. Manuel Figueiroa about Cosmetic Surgery here on Madeira Island.