For those who think that life on an island, such as Madeira, is about relaxing … sitting on a terrace …. enjoying the sun and a cold drink …

… that ONLY applies to the tourists! When you decide to live on Madeira than you are not a tourist any more. There is no hotel service … no room cleaning … there is no departure back to home …. And you will need to set-up a life that you normally had when you were in your home country. In fact … this is your new home country … and NOT your holiday destination. Your are part of the community in which you will be categorized as a foreigner resident on the island. You will feel that this time there will be no travel agent or guide waiting for you in the hotel or the airport with a sign. There will be no rental car waiting for you. There is no total of days or weeks you have left over before you leave the country / island and go back home. No …. you have a new home …. and you need to settle and get things organized yourself … a new life.

In other words: it is your turn now to look at the tourists … who a all relaxed … sitting on a terrace .. enjoying the sun and a cold drink …. looking at them while you are carrying 5 plastic bags full of groceries from Modelo going back towards … your home.

3 Replies to “Non-tourist”

  1. Stop complaining.
    After all they also carry plastic bags, maybe from Pingo Doce instead but…
    And maybe you don’t have the time to enjoy being lazy and wasting your time drinking a nice beer under the sun. And maybe you don’t do it just because, unlike tourists, you know there will another bunch of nice days to do that any time you feel like doing it.
    So stop also saying that you are a foreigner learning to enjoy living on a foreign place. Learn to say (and feel): “I am madeiran for longer than I can remember!” (drinking beer – lots of it – helps shortening your memory) :o)

  2. A couple of months ago I was called a remigrant… Because my mother-in-law is from Madeira it felt like I came home after living outside the island, according to one of the guides I work with. For me this was a great compliment!

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