Surf’s Up!

I am going to Madeira for Holidays.

What? Madeira?? Only old people goes for holidays to that island! There is nothing there for young people like us.

(Looking at his hair …. grey!) Like you??

Yes! Name one typically thing that young people can do there on that island …. Just name one!


The island of Madeira is probably one of the best big wave spots in the entire world. Jardim do Mar (Ponta do Jardim), Paul do Mar, Ponta Pequena and so on.

Not many people knows this …. but slowly the waves are reaching the fanatic surfers all over the world about this hidden surf paradise.

Madeira Surf

Want some proof? Just check out for example the weblog MADEIRASurf … with beautiful images of Madeirense surfers taming the Atlantic waves.

But mind you …. Madeira is NOT for the beginners … this is for PRO’s only. Madeira is the perfect cult location for the first class surfers. It floats perfectly receiving the swells from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Check it out, dude! (= 70’s slang). Surf’s up on Madeira.

More about surfing on Madeira? Check the links on my page:

By the way … the reaction of the grey-haired person was … DUH??

Madeira Blog logo for free

Blog Thoughts Madeira

I have created this small logo to identify that this is a blog about Madeira and/or for Madeira(-lovers). Anybody who has similar blog can copy this logo and put it on his/her blog. It is free and no strings attached! Only thing is … I will keep the original (larger) image.

Surf Music

As I mentioned in my previous blog … each day I search for information about Madeira. I need to filter out all the ‘wood’ (translated in Portuguese is ‘madeira’) and Madeira Beach (located in Florida). Lately I came across another interesting category … namely The Madeira …. The band!

Yes … a band called ‘The Madeira’ from the US … and they play … no! not the Madeira Bailinho or folklore music … this band plays ‘Surf music’. What is Surf music?

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Easy Driving in Funchal – Again?

As a result of several requests we received from readers …. here is a second movie of Madeira’s ‘rollercoaster’ drive … that took place in Funchal … area called Rochinha (above the Zona Velha).

For those that missed part 1 … click here.

This time we have added (surf)music from the band called ..… The Madeira. The title of the song is ‘Rogue Wave’ which gives an extra dimension driving through the city of Funchal.

Wallet size currency cheat sheet

What does the Madeira visitors from the UK, the US, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Asian countries, South Africa, Venezuela and others all have in common? When paying in Euros they ask themselves ‘How much does that cost in …’ their own currency?

There is a handy way to solve this. Travelocity offers a currency converter page that allows you to print off a cheat sheet that you can carry around with you in your purse or wallet. Select the conversion from Euros to your own currency; and you will have a comparison of price values based on the latest rates.

Link: Currency Converter

BASE Jump from Cabo Girão

Last 4th of May (2006) a BASE Jump took place at the 2nd highest cliff of the world (580m) namely here on Madeira island, Cabo Girão.

But first … what is BASE Jump?

BASE jumping is the sport of using a parachute to jump from fixed objects. “BASE” is an acronym that stands for the four categories of objects from which one can jump; (B)uilding, (A)ntenna (an uninhabited tower such as an aerial mast), (S)pan (a bridge, arch or dome), and (E)arth (a cliff or other natural formation). BASE jumping is much more dangerous than skydiving from aircraft and is currently regarded as a fringe extreme sport.

Now I was already wondering why not any jumper did discovered the island of Madeira … which offers a lot of great S and E. Mário Pardo did! He is Portugal’s number 1 BASE jumper …. came to Madeira to take a view from Cabo Girão …. and did what thousand of tourists were afraid to do …. To take a step and see what is on the bottom of the cliff. Well Mário did not take a step …. He took his motorbike instead … to get down there much quicker!

Check the video at Google

By the way … I heard some rumours that, after this (successful) jump, the tourist board is planning to move the toboggans from Funchal to Cabo Girão and to create a new attraction called TOBOJUMP. Parachutes are included …. Plus the extra that you, the toboggan and both drivers will be picked up by the replica of the Santa Maria. 😉

Ferry between Madeira and Canary Islands

Company Naviera Armas has announced it will have new route Canarias – Madeira (Funchal) during the summer of 2006. The season will consist of 10 journeys (10 weeks) and starts on July 1 and will last until September 2. Departure from Las Palmas of Gran Canaria on Saturdays at 7h30 and arrival Funchal port at 20h00. The return trip is on Sundays at 7h30. Voyage between the islands takes almost 12 hours.

Their ship, the ‘Volcan del Teide’ is the newest of the company. It is a mixture between a ferry and cruiser. It has 250 cabins and can carry about 1000 passengers. The prices will be between 50 and 90 euros per person. Car transport will be around 110 euro.

Madeira Easy Driving (?)

Driving on Madeira is like taking a rollercoaster ride … going up and down. Most of the times you will find narrow roads … and if you are lucky you will come across some busses or big trucks on those narrow roads. Then you will understand why there are no Fancy Fairs here on the island …. because the whole island is one!

Now this is not to scare you off in not taking a car here to drive around. As long as you are fairly careful there is no problem. Most locals understand about a tourist’s apparent indecision whilst navigating the island. You will find the majority of Madeiran drivers are in these cases friendly and courteous. The locals obviously know their way around and therefore tend to drive very fast. Avoid the feeling of being chased and just give them room for them to pass you by, when possible.

To give you an impression how ‘easy’ driving is here on the island of Madeira … my wife and I filmed on a Sunday driving to Funchal. A trip which we take each day to go to work ….

If you like the music in the film …. it is played by the band ‘The Madeira’. Click on the following image to order the CD.

Bailinho da Madeira

I came across the next short film of Anton Withagen from Eindhoven (Netherlands). It gives an impression of the traditional folklore dance called Bailinho da Madeira (The dance of Madeira).

Now … do not go thinking that all inhabitants on the island of Madeira are dressed like this … and that they all love to dance this. If you think that …. then you also believe that all Dutch walks around in wooden shoes and are all living in windmills.