Madeira Easy Driving (?)

Driving on Madeira is like taking a rollercoaster ride … going up and down. Most of the times you will find narrow roads … and if you are lucky you will come across some busses or big trucks on those narrow roads. Then you will understand why there are no Fancy Fairs here on the island …. because the whole island is one!

Now this is not to scare you off in not taking a car here to drive around. As long as you are fairly careful there is no problem. Most locals understand about a tourist’s apparent indecision whilst navigating the island. You will find the majority of Madeiran drivers are in these cases friendly and courteous. The locals obviously know their way around and therefore tend to drive very fast. Avoid the feeling of being chased and just give them room for them to pass you by, when possible.

To give you an impression how ‘easy’ driving is here on the island of Madeira … my wife and I filmed on a Sunday driving to Funchal. A trip which we take each day to go to work ….

If you like the music in the film …. it is played by the band ‘The Madeira’. Click on the following image to order the CD.

2 Replies to “Madeira Easy Driving (?)”

  1. hello don amaro

    s para dar-te os parabens pelo tudo o teu trabalho videos e fotos sobre a madeira

    e boa continuacao de um bom trabalho

    duarte santos natural de ponta do sol

    mais rezidente em londres

  2. Caro Duarte,

    Muito obrigado pela palavras amáveis.
    Se você tiver ideias ou sugestões …. ou quer escrever algo sobre a Madeira para publicar aqui, por favor manda-me alguma coisa.

    Também sou meio Pontasolense (da parte da minha querida mãe)

    Um abraço,

    Don Amaro

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