The Challenge in the Atlantic

For the first time in the history three swimmers will try to swim a 25 km passage between Madeira and the islands of Desertas. It will be the longest passage in open waters ever done in Portugal … seven hours of swim … distance of 13 nautical miles … called “Desafio no Atlântico” (Challenge in the Atlantic).

The three “brave” swimmers doing the attempt are Duarte Mendonça (Madeira), Nuno Vicente and Miguel Arrobas (both from Portugal).

The first attempt last Saturday did not take place due to the bad weather conditions above the sea. That is why the next swim attempt will take place today 28th of August.

We wish them good luck and success.

2 Replies to “The Challenge in the Atlantic”

  1. Don

    I’m waiting for your report!

    As far as I know, the swimmers took 6hrs and 45 minutes, stopping 3 times for food and they are now thinking to cross the Channel.

    The problem with a weblog is, is when you say “A”, you have to say “B,C,D…..!

    So therefore, a report WITH photographs please!


  2. WOW!!! 25 km? That’s a long swim and especially around those waters between Madeira and Desertas. My hat is off to them brave swimmers.

    Best of wisconsin

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