At Last!!

Dear Sir,

We are very happy to inform that finally the promenade in the sea front from Hotel Orca Praia is completed.

After 18 long months we are very happy to inform that only minor works occurs now such as fitting the hand rails in and connecting the entire electrical network.

As the lights are placed in the centre of the promenade, our major concern is to have planes landing in front of the hotel during the night.

Please find enclosed updated photos from today.

Thanking each and all of you for your continuous support we remain with our best regards.

General Manager

Promenade Orca Praia 22 09 2006 Promenade Orca Praia 22 09 2006 Promenade Orca Praia 22 09 2006 Promenade Orca Praia 22 09 2006

In the past

Here is a short film showing Funchal …… in the past. Showing the seaplane / flying boat Aquila Airways Solent 3 (G-AKNU) landing in Funchal’s waters.

I sincerely hope that more of these Madeira films will be showed on the web.

Feel free to add the video to your pages. Just simply copy and paste all the code bellow. It even has extra code that lets the text go around the video window.

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Bariatric Surgery in Madeira

The Belgian surgeon Jacques Himpens, one of the pioneering and most experienced bariatric surgeons, has found that Madeira offers an attractive environment where he can perform his surgical weight loss procedures. Doctor Jacques Himpens considers the quality of the local medical facilities, the professionalism of the medical team that he works with and the pleasant climate, which contributes greatly to patient recovery, to be some of Madeira’s most valuable aspects.

This world-famous surgeon has organized a package of services for his patients, which includes surgery, hospitalization and treatment at the clinic, and post-operative care. The package also includes accommodation at a hotel in Funchal for the patient and his or her companions, as well as nursing services.

The quality of the medical services in the Madeira region and the magnificent conditions it provides to cater to the recovery of patients and the well-being of their companions during their stay, has led to patients from all over the world coming to Madeira.


(Source Madeira Tourism)

Artmar Festival

Artmar Festival

From 15 to 16 September the Artmar Festival will be held …. it is an open-air music and arts festival, which takes place at the Ilhéu Garden in Câmara de Lobos.

As well as the quality of the concerts and the natural beauty of the surrounding scenery, the entire area is glamorously decorated to turn it into a welcoming venue, which will make this an unforgettable festival.

For more information: Madeira Tourism

Lost Jewel of the Atlantic

Lost Jewef of the Atlantic

On the small Atlantic Isle of Madeira was a wave of legend.Kept secret by a cadre of big wave surfers, one of the world’s greatest surf spots lay hidden on an island lost in time.

This is the story of paradise lost ….
This is the story of Jardim do Mar ….

Film debut Funchal 15 – 17 September

Beach Volleyball Championship

PortoSanto - The SWATCH-FIVB World Tour

The final of the European Circuit of the Women’s World Beach Volleyball Championship …. also known as the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour …. takes place on Porto Santo Island this year …. from 14 to 17 September.

After staging the SWATCH-FIVB U-21 World Championships in 2004 and a men’s FIVB challenger stop in 2005, the Madeira Island of Porto Santo stages the world’s best women’s players at its Beach Volleyball-friendly facility on the Portuguese isle.

This tournament brings 73 pairs of players together, including 7 German, 6 Canadian and 6 Brazilian teams. A total of 28 countries will be represented.


Yesterday there were forest fires on several locations on the island: Santa Cruz, Machico, Caniçal, Ribeira Brava, Ponta do Sol, Santana, Câmara de Lobos, Calheta and Porto Moniz were fires detected and, at this moment are controlled. Most of these fires are caused by the extreme warm weather and winds from West Africa (Sahara).

Bosbrand boven Caniço Bosbrand boven Caniço Bosbrand boven Caniço

At Caniço, where we live, flames were threatening buildings and houses in our neighbourhood…. in the area of Cancela. Luckily nobody got hurt (as far as I know) and the fire has been tamed.