New EU security rules at airports

To protect passengers against the new threat of liquid explosives, the European Union (EU) has adopted new security rules that restrict the amount of liquids that a passenger can take through security checkpoints …. departing from airports in the EU whatever their destination.

These new security rules will be introduced on November 6, at all airports in the European Union plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The rules represent a restriction on the quantity of liquids in carry-on baggage. However as before, passengers will be allowed to pack such items as toiletries in their carry-on baggage.

The following applies starting on November 6:

  • Liquids, gels and spray in containers of up to 100 ml may be packed in carry-on baggage;
  • Bottles, cans, tubes etc. must be placed in a transparent plastic bag and must fit without problems in the bag, which must be closed;
  • The plastic bag must be re-sealable;
  • Not more than one liter capacity per passenger

If you are unable to find such a bag, they will be available at airports. But prepare as much as you can, so that airport procedures will be as smooth as possible.

You may also carry:

  • Medicines
  • Baby food
  • Liquid included in a special diet you need during the flight.

Please pack liquid medicines, baby food and special diet food in a way that you can easily show them at the airport security screening point. They do not have to be in plastic bags, however.

The term liquids refers to the following:
Liquids include gels, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures and the contents of pressurized containers, such as water, toothpaste, hair gel, beverages, soups, syrups, perfume, shaving foam, aerosols and other items of similar consistency.

  • The following items are not affected: You will still be allowed to buy duty- and tax-free goods after the security screening point at the airports.
  • Checked baggage is not affected by the new restrictions. There are no restrictions on the size of containers or the quantity of liquids you may pack in such baggage.

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Unfortunate timing

Two people had died this Monday around 15h40 when the car they were in was dragged by a land landslide at the falésia of the “Véu da Noiva”, waterfall located at the old road between São Vicente and Porto Moniz (north of the island).

According to the authorities the landslide was caused by the bad weather in that area and unfortunately it caught the vehicle with the two passengers on that exact moment. The whole vehicle was rocketed to the sea below. A very unfortunate timing.

Rescue teams were immediately present and they recovered the two bodies, although it was not easy due to the bad weather.

My deepest sympathy goes to the family and friends of the victims.

Bad weather

For the next days, the Metrological Institute foresees for Madeira strong winds, with the gusts that can reach 90 km/h in the highest zones on the island …. including rains and thunderstorms. The origin of bad weather is in a hot and wet air mass that affects West of the archipelago.

Port administration of the Funchal recommends that all the boats return to the ports of shelter and that boat proprietors and crew members keeps a vigilant watch.

More weather information see

Senhor dos Milagres

Every year, the town of Machico commemorates this feast in the Chapel of Senhor dos Milagres (Our Lord of Miracles). The chapel is one of the oldest of Madeira … it was destroyed in the flood of 1803. The following year it was rebuilt.

The statue of Our Lord was washed away during the flood …. and years later it returned back from the sea.

Thousands of people come on this day to pay a homage in a night procession …. in which the street lights are switched off and the atmosphere of religiosity is accentuated.

Senhor dos Milagres

Video: Sky Dancing

The island of Madeira … a place for the elderly visitors where they can enjoy the peace and tranquillity … by strolling on the promenade … enjoying the view of the sea and mountains … contemplating the magical scenery the island offers.

Madeira … vacation island for old people ….. as long as you do not look up!

Because then you will see that Madeira is not anymore destined for the elderly people…. unless they have a great physical condition and nerves of steel. Nowadays it is also the island for those that are seeking the lost thrills and excitements of life.

Watch the following online video of a new way to contemplate the beauty of Madeira …. from the sky. Continue reading “Video: Sky Dancing”

Electric Minibusses

Funchal now has a public transport service in the urban centre of the city based on the use of highly mobile, completely electric minibuses with low environmental impact.

Gulliver Electric Minibus

The objective is to provide both residents and tourists with the possibility of moving round the centre of the city of Funchal comfortably and quickly, attenuating the problems of traffic congestion and also contributing to a reduction in the local pollution levels, and improving the quality of the air and the population’s wellbeing.

This minibus Gulliver operates on Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. There is no service on Sundays. The tickets cost 50 cents for adults and 30 cents for children, and the minibus runs from Avenida Calouste Gulbenkian to Rua Oudinout and vice-versa. (source: Madeira Tourism)


Gulliver’s electrical engine is powered only by batteries. Funchal is one of the first Portuguese cities that uses new generation batteries (ZEBRA) which allows for a day’s operation without exchanging them.

GULLIVER weighs 6 tons, it is 5,3 m long and 2,07 m wide; it has a capacity for 22 passengers, 8 of which seated. It has an automatic ramp and is fitted to transport one wheelchair. It reaches a maximum speed of 33 km/h.