Video: Sky Dancing

The island of Madeira … a place for the elderly visitors where they can enjoy the peace and tranquillity … by strolling on the promenade … enjoying the view of the sea and mountains … contemplating the magical scenery the island offers.

Madeira … vacation island for old people ….. as long as you do not look up!

Because then you will see that Madeira is not anymore destined for the elderly people…. unless they have a great physical condition and nerves of steel. Nowadays it is also the island for those that are seeking the lost thrills and excitements of life.

Watch the following online video of a new way to contemplate the beauty of Madeira …. from the sky.

One Reply to “Video: Sky Dancing”

  1. I agrre with you that Madeira is definetly not only for old people. Are you kidding me????? Madeira is thriving with fun and exicitng activities and only if you are in top shape then you can participated in certain sports. Take for example: deep sea swimming, sky diving -ASA DELTA. Triathlons are in vogue these days for the young at heart and with great sport orientation and spirit.
    Well, I said it and say it again, think twice before any one claims that the Islands are for old pepole. Anyhow, we cater to all populations regardless age,faith, orientation and so forth.

    Best regards for the old USA

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