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View the unofficial promotional video of Madeira Islands ….

I was just playing with music and some pictures of Madeira …. and this is the result.

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Christmas Images and Videos

This year the big event is the official opening ceremony of the Christmas illuminations, which takes place on 17 November, near the Sé Cathedral at around 9h00 pm.

For those who can not wait for the official ceremony of the Christmas illuminations that will place on 17th of November ….. you can search for images or videos taken last year(s) by visitors of the island.

How to look for?

Simply look for ‘Madeira Funchal Christmas’ in (for example)
Or search for ‘madeira christmas’ at

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Start of the Christmas Illuminations

The preparations for the Christmas and end-of-year celebrations start in the middle of November. This year the big event is the official opening ceremony of the Christmas illuminations, which takes place on 17 November, near the Sé Cathedral at around 9h00 pm.

Funchals Christmas Illuminations

On this day, the main streets in the centre of Funchal will be invaded by lights of all sizes and colours to produce designs that are very representative of the island’s characteristic and the time of year. One week later, on 24 November, the outskirts of Funchal will also be lit up transforming Funchal into a real, life-size “nativity scene”.
In early December, the squares are decked with flowers. Poinsettias, holly and lady’s slipper orchids all help to brighten up the city’s streets. And then there are the Christmas carols ringing out in all the streets as if by magic inspiring everyone with the festive spirit. The streets fill with people in this atmosphere of great joy. Some are here to do their Christmas shopping, while others just want to enjoy the holiday buzz and atmosphere emanating throughout the city.

(Source: Madeira Tourism)

Safety precautions Levada walk

Please follow the next safety precautions when you are planning to take a Levada walk here on Madeira:

  • When taking a Levada walk you must always be in company of a qualified guide;
  • Prepare yourself and collect all updated information about the route you are planning to follow;
  • Make sure about the total time you will be spending on that route (so that you will finish the tour before dark);
  • Inform the hotel receptionist or any other reliable person about the route that you plan to do and the expected time of arrival;
  • Never change the course of your planned route;
  • Always take something to eat and drink (such as canned fruit juices, chocolate and dried fruits);
  • Take extra plastic bags to put in leftovers or rubbish when you do a stop to eat/drink;
  • Important that you always carry an electric torch with spare batteries;
  • Take your own mobile phone, even if your operating network doesn’t exist in here. You can always call the emergency number 112 and it will search for an alternative net;
  • In case of a interruption during a course (falling rocks, heavy rain or wind) go back to the starting point following same trail;
  • Do not take risks;
  • In case of any accident call immediately 112 and if you cannot get through, walk on the same course and keep trying again until you get a connection;
  • Stay calm and inform what, when and where the accident has happened, also the number of people involved and the estimated stage of victims;
  • The more information you transmit, the better and more efficient help will be provided.

Important phone numbers:

Madeira Civil Protection – (+351) 291 700 112
Emergency Number – 112