Christmas Images and Videos

This year the big event is the official opening ceremony of the Christmas illuminations, which takes place on 17 November, near the Sé Cathedral at around 9h00 pm.

For those who can not wait for the official ceremony of the Christmas illuminations that will place on 17th of November ….. you can search for images or videos taken last year(s) by visitors of the island.

How to look for?

Simply look for ‘Madeira Funchal Christmas’ in (for example)
Or search for ‘madeira christmas’ at

The following is a video of the Christmas scenery in Funchal last year. What you see represents only …. 20% of the scenery.


2 Replies to “Christmas Images and Videos”

  1. We are visiting Funchal arriving 30th Novemebr as we thought that the lights were ‘turned on’ on December 1st.
    Could you let me know if this is correct or otherwise please.
    Either way,can’t wait to get back to Madeira!

  2. The first phase of the Christmas ilumination will start on the 27th of November. On the 4th of December the total system will be lit-up till the first week of January next year.

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