Madeira Promo Video

View the unofficial promotional video of Madeira Islands ….

I was just playing with music and some pictures of Madeira …. and this is the result.

Feel free to put this video on your own website.

To add the video to your pages simply copy and paste all the code bellow.

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8 Replies to “Madeira Promo Video”

  1. Que fixe. Encontrei o tipo de blog que queria fazer.
    Vou passar por cá mais vezes.

    Bom trabalho.

  2. awsome video, I really enjoy each and every time you post lovely pictures and videos from the Islands.

    Greetings from Wisconsin

  3. Hi,
    Very beautiful… The proove why I fell in love with the country… !
    I’m looking forward to see more..

    Até à proxima


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