Christmas Images and Videos 2

For those who can not see the Christmas lights this year on the island of Madeira … we offer you as a small consolation the next days some images (photos and films) of last plus this year illuminations.

The following video was taken last year. A terrific view of the gala-dress that the city of Funchal is wearing during the New Year’s Eve.

The lady capital of the island Madeira (Portugal) displays her with lights embroider dress, awaiting the countdown for the fireworks.

This was filmed aboard the catamaran and the music is performed by the band … The Madeira.

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2 Replies to “Christmas Images and Videos 2”

  1. Dear mr Amaro,

    I come from holland and next week I’m coming to madeira for holiday. I would like to know if they also sell consumer fireworks on madeira and if you can give me some information about it. Is it expensive? And what kinds of fireworks do they sell? Maybe you have some links to shops that sell fireworks in Madeira?
    I would be very happy if you could try to answer these questions.
    With kind regards,

  2. Marcel, I cannot remember seeing any shops selling fireworks here on the island … but there might be some … however do not think there will be much. Because … the amount of fireworks that the goverment and tourist organisation will display during first the 10 minutes of the new year … the fireworks you have bought yourself will be meaningless …

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