Madeira in Guinness World Records

Imagine …. A whole area of 6 km by 2.7 km wide … that is being lit-up by millions of lights and hundred colors …. 8 minutes long. Imagine it …. Done!

Yes … the city of Funchal (of the Madeira Island) has achieved this ….. with its pyrotechnic exhibition, that involved 17 tons of fireworks … that caused 660,300 detonations …. 8,000 explosions per minute … and this all at a cost of 1,2 million euros (including tax).

More than ten thousands of people (locals and tourists) contemplated this magnificent show … that has now received a record-title in the book of Guinness World Records as the world biggest pyrotechnic show.

New Year Fireworks Funchal Madeira
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  1. Sue & Jacques were there – we dined on the Beatles old yacht (Vagrant) and then mounted to the top deck to watch. It was an atmosphere to be felt, the sirens of all the cruisiers set things off at midnight, but just prior to that the Porto Santo Ferry went into the Sound, followed by the fishing boats and then it started. Poor Jacques saw it in black and white (he managed to do a great video) a night to remember and to be repeated, hopefully when we are living on the Island.

  2. Well we have now been here for eighteen months – not a moment of regret, and we have just experienced the Flower Festival 2009. We saw New Year 2008 by going into the sound on the Porto Santo Ferry – to be done you see the fireworks with a different view. This is a fanastic place to live – join us –

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