Santo da Serra

(Written by Ricardo Figueira –

(Lisboa) I was born in Madeira and of course I know Santo da Serra. It is a small and beautiful village full of great things to see. First of all you must be there and now is even easier to go with the new road to Camacha from Funchal. Second thing don’t forget to wear proper clothes because even if it is warm in the main city Funchal probably it is cold in Santo da Serra situated approximately 700 meters above the sea level. If you are from the north of Europe you may find this advice funny.

This place was known as Nova Aldeia or Aldeia da Rainha in the past. Aldeia da Rainha was created in the kingdom of Maria I as a result of bringing people from Porto Santo.

Santo da SerraThe Golf in Santo da Serra gives a lot to this region but you may visit as well the park located in the center of the village or you may walk throw the roads and see the beautiful landscape and the great houses built here. Many British visited and built houses here in the past. The park is now property of the Government but it was called Blandy Park many years ago. On the weekend the main village road serves as a market where you can find local products at a reasonable price.

Here I show you one picture of the park. If you appreciate tranquillity and life with no stress at all you may find this place a paradise.

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  1. I enjoyed your article very much. We are traveling to Madeira in a week, Mar 27 to April 2 for our first trip. I am uncertain what type of clothing to bring. We live in Florida so 65 degrees seems a bit cooler than we are used to. It is appropriate to wear sandals and capris or should we stick with walking shoes and long pants.

  2. @Sandy; The weather during the week that you are here on Madeira can be around 19C (66F) during the day and 13C (55F) at night. Your question on what to wear depends on what you are planning to do. If you are staying in Funchal sandals and light wear is enough for a stroll on the boulevard. However if you are planning to go inlands and … I think you will … take a levada walk then I suggest robust walking shoes (a must). Furthermore: extra t-shirt, shorts with many pockets, sunglasses, fleece type jacket, hat or cap, lip balm, sunblock (for neck), and last but not least camera and lots of films!

    Enjoy the atmosphere the island has to offer.

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