Alberto Joao Jardim resigns

Alberto Joao JardimAlberto João Cardoso Gonçalves Jardim, (born Funchal, Madeira Island, February 4, 1943) president of the regional government of Madeira, resigns his office as a protest to the Portuguese government’s 2007 budget, which reduces fund for the islands.

According to Jardim the new budget would mean that he would not be able to complete projects undertaken during his 2004-2008 term. “This happens in the middle of our mandate. It’s a violation of our legitimate expectations“.

However the island is not in crisis as most people would expect when a government resigns. Since 1978 Alberto João Jardim (a Social Democrat) became successively and democratically elected for President of the Regional Government of Madeira all these years. He said he would run again in the next elections and “show the people of Madeira I am not escaping or jumping ship when times are hard.

His resignation will cause early elections of which the expectations are that he will win again and renew his leadership term till 2011. Actually you could say that this resignation is more kind of a ‘reset‘.

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  1. I have seen the poor madeirans work their hearts out for a pitance, with no emplyments rights, and having nothing to look forward to…. since Portugal joinned the EU, Madeira, (beautiful though it is) has become a kind of jail wehre you work work work and end with nothing but the food on your plate and bare minimum, six days a week is the general working week and no limit as to how many hours you have to work in order to keep your job…. when will anyone look into this? when will anyone be able to surface and expose the huge corruption that goes on in the Portuguese Government and Banking? By keepint the morale down and repressing any form of public expression this has gone unnoticed.Jardim is right, we are beeing ripped off, overtaxed and the banks do what they like with no aparent legislation. someone, outside, who has the wisdom, strengh and is not under threat, should take this as a project…

  2. I totaly agree with Helena.
    Madeira people are in generaly a very working people. The total opose of the portuguese continent people.
    Madeira showed them how a small island can be part of the European Union and in only 20 years the results are there to anyone who dares to say that they are 3rd world.
    The archipelago is now in my opinion, the most developed region in Portugal and even in Spain and others part of Europe, whe cant see such organization and beauty. So, for that, congratulations for Mr. Jardim for a rare work of government (unique in Portugal).
    It´s unbeliavable the combination of Nature and Human hand preserving the local costums ande promoting its development.
    Germans go in large groups to what they say its the last paradise on Earth so the name “Atlantic Pearl” (Peróla do Atlantico) does fit entirely.
    To finish, i would like to ask, with such diferences, (and i know because i know Portugal very well) in people way of think, work, make things and costums, why is not Madeira Archipelago an independent country of the E.U.?
    To you Madeirian people i say, you could be better without being part of Portugal. Invest in tourism but be very careful to not transform like canary islands. Youre nature is unique, preserv it and do never let Portuguese anda Spanish take part of it!
    …do never change…

  3. Madeira I LOVE YOU! Madeira does not need to be dependent of Portugal,independence is what we need. Mr. Jardim has been a gret president throught the years, he has done what no other has. We need to make sure that jobs are created through other sectors- not only tourism! We also need to preserve the pearl of the Atlantic Ocean, this means not cutting the forest. If this happens we will no longer be unique and yes more like other islands where the ecologiacl system has been destroyed.
    Madeira is beautiful and by far one of the most spectacular places to live in the world- all things being equal.

    Madeira como eu TE AMO, chore por ti!

    Dina Costa, Toronto Canada

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