Travellers Complaints

Though hotels, travel agencies, transportation companies, travel guides and reps try their best to fulfill the customer needs …. unfortunately this is not always 100% guaranteed. Result …. in most cases the tour operators receive complaints from the “˜victimized” travellers. These complaints are serious …. although there are few ones that makes you wonder …..

Customer booked a hotel room with sea view:
“I could not sleep because of the noise of the sea!”

Complaint after a holiday on Madeira:
“We did not expect to be surrounded by so many Portuguese and very few English people?”

Complaint after taking the Toboggan Ride:
“It is irresponsible! They did not have any crash helmet for us!”

Complaint after first eating Espada at a restaurant and then visiting the fish-hall at Mercado dos Lavradores:
“I want to complain that the restaurant has given me that awful looking fish to eat!”

Request to a hotel:
“I have a request for Mr and Mrs xxxxx. They are both deaf and would like to be given a quiet room.”

Complaint to the cable car company:
“There were not even parachutes under the seats!”

Complaint about the performance of the local folk dancers in a hotel:
“They sang only in Portuguese!”

Complaint after visiting Madeira:
“Nobody told me the place was surrounded by an ocean!”

Another complaint after visiting Madeira:
“The locals did not wear any typical costumes, only the latest fashion and all of them drove in cars and not one sledge with an ox!”

Complaint about a restaurant:
“There are only two choices of wine at dinnertime … red and white!”

Complaint after visiting the Aqua Park:
“Nobody told us that we had to take our own towels and swimming costumes!”

Remark of a customer after visiting Funchal:
“It was shame. Taxi drivers had to push their cars to the next free parking space!”

Complaint about a flight:
“We were given two seats on the plane near the exit doors and because of the draught coming from the doors we were in bed with a cold for 8 days!”

Customer complaint after a trip on Santa Maria (and the sea was clam):
“I got sea sick! They should warn me about that!”

Complaint after visiting Funchal:
“All those men playing cards in the park. It should be forbidden!”

Complaint about the Reids hotel:
“We had to use what used to be the back entrance of the hotel! Unheard-of!”

Does anyone else know other funny complaints? Share it with us ….

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  1. Not a complaint but a bit unreal impression: “At night we could see the lights of the mainland.” They ment the fishing boats…

    “The weather was so clear that we could see the Canary Islands.” What they saw were the Deserted Islands…

    “I don’t understand why it takes two hours to sail to Porto Santo, you can see the island from Funchal!” Again, the Deserted Islands…

  2. After speaking to you today …

    Here are a few contributions for you …

    When I was in the hotel one day a client came in from a storm, completely drenched. I said: “good evening” and the client replied: “what’s b****y good about it, we’re soaked from the rain, someone could have warned us that a storm was coming”.

    I diplomatically replied: “I am so sorry to hear that but you will find that yesterday
    the hotel put up storm warning notices in the elevators and main entrance and exit areas, mentioning that a storm was closing in and due to reach the shore within the next 48 hours”.

    The guest replied: “yes, but it didn’t say what b****y time it was going to start”.

    Another time, during breakfast, (the busiest time in any hotel), a client decides to charge through the main restaurant, (completely full of other clients), in her dressing gown and slippers with a bunch of toilet rolls in her arms. She goes to reception and complains the toilet roll is 2 ply and not 3 ply like she uses at home.

    The biggest complaint I hear is:
    My travel agent told me it never rains in Madeira.

    (…mmmm … subtropical climate means “subject to rain”, doesn’t it?)

    In another hotel:
    There was a big pool sign up, very well exposed, that says the water temperature is 12 degrees. The client jumps in … suddenly leaps out and shouts: “It’s not b***Y heated!!!…

    This doesn’t relate to Madeira but it does make you wonder …When I was working on the cruise ships a passenger said: “I didn’t realise we were going to be at sea for so long”.

    So, complaints don’t just happen in Madeira!!!

  3. Here’s another great one:

    An American woman travelling to Madeira, after talking to a friend of mine who was sat next to her, on the plane, says: “What do you mean there are no trains from Funchal to Madrid”?.

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