Is Madeira safe?

Just received an unexpected question from Joan S. (Cincinnati, US)

My husband and I are fed up. We are searching the web for places with no or low criminality. We came across your blog. Is this island Madera a safe place? We need to go away from all these VT killings, massacre and terror. Thanx Joan

Madeira is a friendly and safe island to visit and also to live. Extremities and terror (what you daily see on the news) are a rarity here and there is hardly any large crime ….. because “Where are you going to go?”. However every place can have its challenges of course …. including Madeira. The key is not putting yourself into compromising positions.

The island itself emits tranquility that affects everyone … well … almost everyone. Exceptions are sometimes the personnel in the holiday branch that are stressing to please the visitors of Madeira. But luckily they never get insane!

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  1. Thanks for the info. I have been hearing negative things about Madeira from people who have never been there. Now I know it’s a nice place to visit.

  2. When the livelihoods of most of the population is dependant on tourists, why would you risk upsetting them? Madeira may not have the best beaches or the most history but it’s a great place to go just to relax.

  3. Yes, Madeira is still safe. Violent crimes like murders and that stuff rarely happen. And when it happens it´s not against the tourist. There could be some robbery…but your life is not in risk at Madeira.

    Most weekend I go on a walk alone at Funchal at 3 or 4a.m and nothing ever happened to me. I don´t even feel menaced…

  4. In Funchal you can walk as a woman save alone, during day and night! Okay, you must take care of your handbag, but that’s normal… But no danger of getting raped!

  5. Lived in Madeira for a few years and have never felt threatened. Overall a very safe place with very kind and loving people. Easy going, quiet sort of a place, excellent for relaxing.

  6. Madeira is safe. Exceptions are for those who dont respect islanders. They are much territorial in a good way. Dont ever try to abuse to them space or consequeces could be bad but in general, all tourists are welcome.
    Spanish tourists have to be careful since theire personality is to say negative things of everything that is not Spain and also by Madeira history.
    The rule is “respect to be respected”.
    And to those who say those negative things from Madeira and never visit ir, i just like to say,
    you´re presence is needed there.

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