Meteorological Phenomenon

Funchal in the CloudsToday on certain parts of Madeira (South Coast) a strange phenomenon took place. It was like in the film of Pirates of the Caribbean …. dense mist from the sea invaded the coastline …. and in it was ……

Especially in Funchal you could see the clouds covering a large part of the city like a blanket. Is this the result of Global Warming? Soslayo from Funchal has captured this phenomenon (see image).

More images also at Humano em Apuros blog.

4 Replies to “Meteorological Phenomenon”

  1. WOW! That is breathtaking, it does look like something out of a movie, or if Funchal has been placed up at Pico Ruivo!
    Madeiras natural beauty and mystery just continues to amaze me…………….

  2. Wow! that looks breathtaking!
    your right it does look like something out of a film, or if funchal was postitioned up at Pico Ruivo!
    Madeira’s natural beauty just continues to amaze me………

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