Seven Wonders of Madeira

New Seven Wonders of the WorldNext to the declaration of the New 7 Wonders of the World, that will be announced during the Official Declaration ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday July 7 – 2007 (07.07.07), the Madeirenses will also choose the “seven wonders of Madeira”.

A jury selected 14 patrimonial references of Madeira Island from which we have to choose seven from. The selection was based on architectural, historical value or in terms of the development of the region.

The list includes the following monuments:

Sé Cathedral of the Funchal;
Palace of São Lourenço;
Convent of Santa Clara;
Fortaleza do Pico;
Forte de São Tiago;
Church and College of the Jesuits;
Museum Quinta das Cruzes;
Museum of the Arte Sacra.

Also the following where selected:

– The gigantic pillar extension of the Madeira Airport;
– Center of the Arts at Calheta (Casa das Mudas);
– Complex of the Casino Park Hotel;
– Funchal’s Market (Mercado dos Lavradores);
Poios (hand-tilled vineyards on small plots of land. Terraces)

We would like to ask you ….
Which 7 wonders of Madeira would you choose?

2 Replies to “Seven Wonders of Madeira”

  1. Only Seven?!?
    Theres too many to think of! But My list would be:
    1. ★☆ The People! ★☆
    Friendly, Unique & the guys are the most Gorgeous 😛
    2. ★☆ The Culture ★☆
    Tobbagon ride/Folk dancing/Wine Making- Its still preserved today.
    3. ★☆ The Festivals ★☆
    Flower,Wine,Carnival,New Years & the village festivals are all amazing
    4.★☆ Gastronomy ★☆
    I enjoyed the Espada, Bolo de Mel, Bolo de Caco, Poncha, Wine & local Biscuits very much
    With Pico de Ariero, Cabo Girão, Paul do serra, Laurissilva forest, Waterfalls, Cascading Mountains and deep blue sea its all acounts to an amazing landscape.
    With its cobbled streets, Markets, Se catherdral, gardens, promenade, charming buildings and natural ampitheatre its so diverse.
    7.★☆Levada Trails★☆
    Amazing views and trails through the dense forest and winding by the side of mountainsides. Nobody does Levada walking like Madeira!

    So that was my list, i know i wasnt specific but i cant be, its just too hard to choose!
    But in the actual options i think the levada, se cathedral and Mercado dos Lavradores should definatly go in the seven.:D

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