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Alberto João Jardim was reelected as president of Madeira 12 days ago and one of his first decisions was to have Cristiano Ronaldo’s former house knocked down. Three days into his new term of office, a digger duly arrived and flattened it. “Maybe they will build a statue there,” Hugo, Ronaldo’s elder brother, said, sarcasm ringing in his voice. But it just so happens that the razing of Ronaldo’s house is a compliment, albeit a peculiar one.

Na excellent article written by Owen Slot, Chief Sports Reporter, for the Times Online (The Times and The Sunday Times) about Christiano Ronaldo childhood, his dreams and his family (what they say about him). Ronaldo who has embarked himself on the top of the world taking with him his Madeira provenance which is no longer a forgotten spot on the globe.

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  1. i cannot belive they knocked his childhood house down-i never even got to see it! still great article it was very interesting and touching to read.
    Know where i can find any pictures of his old house on the internet since i wont get to see it now?
    thanks x

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