UFO Disappointment

Is it only me or do you have the same mystery? Every time you speak with your friends about Madeira you say (the truth) that you have beautiful weather, sun is shining, clear blue sky and a soft pleasant wind. This kind of spoken Google ad does have the effect and your friends decide that Madeira will be the next destination they will visit. They get a little bit jealous and want also to taste those atmospheric delicatessens Mother Nature cooks up. And then your friend comes and visits you. Guess what! It seems that Mother Nature also suffers of menstrual period and like in most cases that happens on the most inconvenient moments.

This week we had a dear friend visiting us and she only had a bathing suite, suntan, sunglasses, tropical woven dress and a toothbrush. The only thing she used was her toothbrush and all the other are still in her suitcase. You guessed it … it was (and still is) pouring from above. While I am typing this I look outside my window and I think that the angel Levadeiro as diverted the heavenly Levada to go down.

Our friend is (of course) disappointed, but the saddest part is that she will not believe me anymore. At least it is what I think. After visiting us people will consider us the worst weather forecasters in the world. And I think they might be right. When we are alone the sun and blue sky will re-emerge and then we can report it as another UFO (Unidentified Forecast Observation). However the truth is still out there … Madeira does have beautiful weather, with lots of sun and clear blue sky. Unfortunately for some it might be an X-file.

5 Replies to “UFO Disappointment”

  1. To prove that there are a lot of micro-climates on Madeira it is almost unbelievable that I got a sunburn on top of my head yesterday. This happened only 10 kms away from where you live!

  2. Don’t worry Don. We will still believe you when you write that the sun shines on Madeira.
    I did shine when we last came to visit you and sat outside for a drink, when we went for a walk, when we ate outside on your balcony, when … and that on both sides of Madeira!

  3. @Maja: yes, but I don’t consider you as visitors …. more future residents and that is why the ‘trick’ does not work on you (thank God).

  4. That sometimes happens to me too! When my friends from the mainland come to the island they always expect great weahter and I have to tell them that that is probable but not certain! Usually I go around somewhere else. Madeira is exciting because there can be a major thunderstorm in some part of the island and people bathing in a swimming pool somewhere else in the island. Which gives us the idea that Madeira is not that small…

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