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This month the low-cost airline Easyjet will start regular flights to Madeira Island, and it seems that other budget airliners will follow soon (next year) this example. This is good news for the regional tourist sector on the island …. and also for the madeirean travellers that gives them the ability to visit more interesting countries for a much cheaper price.

However …. I wonder … are cheap flights to Madeira really a good idea?

Some people are afraid that the o-so-quiet-and-relaxing Floating Garden is going to be invaded by thousands of ‘new consumers’ (also known as the party-tourists) … who have left their legacy on other former-paradisiacal islands such as Ibiza.

Others think the growth of the low-budget tourists will cause chocking changes … forcing the island to focus towards the visitors needs and disregard the cultural environment the island is well-known for.

Or … some feel there is no need to be concerned. It is a golden opportunity for the Pearl of the Atlantic to glow like a diamond on the world map.

1-Question InterviewThis is a good reason to do with you the One-question Interview.

Dear reader … our question for you is the following:

What do you think the consequences will be when more low-cost flights to Madeira will take place the next few years?

Tell us what you think … write a comment below or send it to us. Thanks in advance.

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  1. We can only hope and pray that the ‘worst case’ of ‘party tourists’ does not happen. It is good that more people may have the chance to experience this idyllic island, and hopefully create opportunities for those who are so fortunate to call this place home.
    I look forward to many more years of unspoilt holidays on Madeira.

  2. I also think the main idea has to be ‘exploring a rather unknown beautiful country’ instead of thinking about all the other consequences. We can only hope and pray that Madeire will keep it’s beauty, sincerity and authenticity . I’m happy that we -who love Madeira- get the opportunity to fly cheaper to the pearl of the Atlantic.

  3. im afraid that a mass of loudmouth and drunken brits will be invading the island.Cheap flights means cheap people that want cheap and filthy fun involving the three-P’s (Pills, Piss and Puke). it will be a disaster for Madiera.

  4. The same cheap flights will carry many Madeiran
    expats to and from the UK. My bet is that half the capacity will be filled with them and not “Brits”

  5. Pleaseeeeeee NOOOOOOOOOOO Drunken & Disorderly filthy Brits invading this beautiful, unique island. One of the Main reasons i LOVE this Island is becuase it still has its true identity and culture relitively intact and not been turned into britain on sea like so many other islands. The last thing i want is for it to be no building tons of high rise hotels,british pubs/shops/bingo halls, if it does turn out like that..i wont like it no more. BUT i think hopefully it wont alter how Madeira is now…obviously some change will happen but i hope the government makes sure the island doesnt lose any of its real identity & it only allows visitors who want to experience TRUE Madeira a more cheaper way of seeing their favourite destination :D.

  6. I live fairly close to Stansted and the news of an inexpensive way to travel to Madeira, where I lived for 18 years, is fantastic. With a view of a similar trend regarding lager louts I spoke to about 30 or so younger people down the local pub to test their rections. Considering local papers etc are advertising the cheap flights, not one of these people showed any interest whatsoever in visitig Madeira, but all wanted Canaries, Balearics, Spain, Algarve as their holiday destinations. Comments like, Where’s Madeira?, Thats only for old people, Is there sandy beaches, Is there a “Strip” of British bars? led me to believe that it is unlikely to change the lager louts holiday plans overnight. If the Madeira government choose to allow this total change in character in the island, which I doubt, only then do I see a danger. Hope this eases the worries of people concerned

  7. First of all I want to thank all the people above for their comments and input. But please feel free to keep on commenting.

    As most have indicated, ie. by my ‘twin-name’ Don from the UK, the next question is what are the (future) plans of the Government of Madeira? What will be the policy for the infrastructure of the tourism in the region? What will be allowed and what not?

    Also I would like to know what the Madeirense local community thinks (after all …. it is their island). Do they welcome new changes that will bring the island to another level that introduces more wealth and opportunities?
    Or do they have similar concerns as mentioned above?

  8. Interesting blog! I’ve been researching for things to do in Madeira when visiting my parents home country at xmas. I’ll be sure to ask my family what their thoughts are.

  9. I don’t see Madeira having any attractions for the lager lout type of tourist. Unless some enterprising local opens a few nightclubs selling cheap booze there will be nothing to tempt them.
    It seems, though, that Easyjet and another airline, FlyGlobespan, will only be offering flights between October and March.

  10. Don
    we met at the Monumental Lido Hotel earlier this year.
    I have been to Madeira 4 times in the last two years,and love everything about it.
    You are blessed with a wonderful island,weather and above all the islanders themselves.The most charming people you could wish to meet.So kind in every way.
    I am of an age that cannot handle change and fear that an influx of visitors on cheap flights will not be the type of cliental you cater for at present.
    Each time I come the cranes on the building sites seem to be covering anywhere that will stand a new building.
    I come from an island and have seen visitors increase particularly in the summer,we do not have the weather to attract all year round business unlike Madeira.The quality of service diminishes as the number of visitors increase,resulting in people who come regularly,decide not to visit.
    The local people in Madeira who currently provide excellent service may not benefit from the increased business, their wages will not reflect a rise in real terms,but may find themselves working harder for the same pay as now.
    I am coming to Funchal for 4 weeks in December and over the New Year,and that must be the last time to my increasing age.
    I do hope that any changes that the Cheaper flights may bring about will not ruin the setting that you have now.
    Thank you as a whole for making my visits so memorable.

  11. Soph, Phil and Daniel … thank you for kind your comments. And Daniel … I think that you will be like the Rolling Stones … they always say that it will be the last (concert) because of their age but they still keep coming back … again and again.

  12. Further to your remarks regarding the Rolling Stones,have just dusted off my Guitars and booked the Casino!!!
    Best Wishes

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