Dolce Vita Funchal

Dolce Vita FunchalOn 23rd of October the city of Funchal (Madeira) will open the doors of its newest Centro Comercial (Commercial and Shopping Center) Dolce Vita Funchal.

The Dolce Vita Funchal has a gross lettable area of 16,000m² for 54 shops, including a Pingo Doce supermarket and a Health Club. The modern shopping center has three floors for retail and a car park on two floors with a capacity for 800 vehicles. The location is in the Funchal’s city center. Click here for the location.

Dolce Vita Funchal will be the 7th offspring of the Dolce Vita brand in Portugal. The interior design is by architect Sua Kay, who also designed the award-winning Dolce Vita Coimbra.

I invite you (the reader), if you are in Funchal, to visit this modern shopping center and let us know what you think of it.

If you have your camera with you … take some (artistic) pictures of the area (outside and inside) and send it to us. We will publish it here with your name (and, if applicable, link to your own website).


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  1. Hi , im sorry to sound so against the new shopping centre, But its just another one in funchal , filled with the same boring shops that r all ready in all the other centres in funchal, and the high street. Why cant this island get anything different over here…

  2. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion … so no problem. I am not sure yet what shops are going to be in the new shopping mall. Trying to find a list somewhere … anyone ideas?

  3. HI, nice shopping
    center. It
    has been
    in a rush with still a lot of
    to open and start
    trading. When
    I visited on the second day at about
    4 pm
    there were lots of
    there, I think this center is for the younger
    citizens of
    madeira. This
    is going to do well but maybe not with the tourists

  4. Hi Don, The free paper which is printed Mon-Fri, had a list of all the shops on its back page in Tuesdays Edition, i know there were still a few copies about yesterday, So you may be able to grab a copy…

  5. Hello, me and my wife are coming to Madeira for next week. It is the third wisit to your beautiful island. We will gladly visit your new Dolce Vita.
    Madeira fans from Finland

  6. I enjoyed the experience. Lost my sunglasses and retrieved same with help of locals. Especially like the security guy who rides around on a contraption I’ve never seen anywhere else. Good coffee and lots of interesting shops. Do you have a web address for Dolce Vita? Spotted a lovely lampshade in one of the decor shops but thought it was too big to carry on plane. Hopefully can order on-line if only I would remember the name of the shop. Thanks

  7. @Catherine: the contraption the guard was on is called a Segway … there are a few here on the island.

    About the lampshade … was it Angelic or Loja do Gato Preto?

  8. Hi, I visited Madeira a couple of times, and it was a great to shop at Dolce Vita because it is just two streets away from my family in laws. I bought so many presents from Loja do Gato Preto. I love your island and we thinking to emigrate to Madeira.

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