The Scottish Are Coming!

After the news that the British are coming (Easyjet comes to Madeira) and asking ourselves what the consequences might be for more low-cost flights …. we just learned that Scottish are also coming!

FlyglobespanScottish airline Flyglobespan will be launching of this winter a new fly-service from Edinburgh to Madeira. This service will be the first link ever from the Scottish capital to the Madeira island. Tickets will cost from £54.99 one-way, including taxes.

Starting on November 5 and departing on Mondays, flights will leave Edinburgh at 10.15am (10h15) and arrive in Madeira at 2.15pm (14h15). On the way back, flights also on Mondays, will depart from the island at 3.25pm (15h25) and arrive in Scotland at 7.25pm (19h25).

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  1. I mentioned this in a comment about Easyjet. What is particularly disappointing is that neither airline appear to be providing a service after the end of March so I won’t be using them to visit in April for the Flower Festival.

  2. Hi Phil. Yes, it was your comment that triggered me to look for this news. Thanks!
    It can be that the airlines will come with new (summer) schedule for next year. I assume they want to check first how it goes and them plan further (I would anyway)

  3. Very few airlines issue a schedule per season in advance so early so I wouldn’t for one second assume anything at this stage

  4. I remember on my first visit to Madeira over 10 years ago that the perceived wisdom then in the travel industry was that from November to
    March visitors to Madeira were predominately British. From April onwards this changed to mainly Italian and Portuguese tourists and the UK travel industry was geared up to this pattern. While I don’t know if this demographic pattern is still the case, it very much looks as though these two firms are following this model, probably as a result of feasibility studies they will have commisiioned beforehand. If this is the case then they are not really going to provide a reliable low-cost benefit to Madeirans looking for year-round travel for work & leisure within the EU. Let us hope that they do extend rheir service as I am sure there will be a demand.

  5. Quote from EasyJet
    “New schedules are usually released in stages, around three to four months before the end of the existing schedule. The exact date is dependent on confirmation of flight slots from the relevant Air Traffic Control authorities” On speaking to people working at Stansted, my local airport, there is no reason at this stage to assume that a Summer schedule would not be available to Funchal

  6. And I have just been to FlyGlobespan’s website and see they have a published timetable for summer flights from Edinburgh so good news there too.

  7. Good News Phil. Yesterday 30/11 confirmed Summer schedule Stansted/Funchal by EasyJet are available for booking from £25.99 each way

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