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Christmas in Funchal MadeiraOn this day, the main streets in the centre of Funchal will be invaded by lights of all sizes and colours to produce designs that are very representative of the island’s symbology and the time of year. One week later, on 30 November, the outskirts of Funchal will also be lit up transforming Funchal into a real, life-size “nativity scene”.

In early December, the squares are decked with flowers. Poinsettias, holly and lady’s slipper orchids all help to brighten up the city’s streets. And then there are the Christmas carols ringing out in all the streets as if by magic inspiring everyone with the festive spirit. The streets fill with people in this atmosphere of great joy. Some are here to do their Christmas shopping, while others just want to enjoy the holiday buzz and atmosphere emanating throughout the city.

Source: Madeira Island Tourism

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3 Replies to “Start Christmas Illuminations”

  1. the pictures are beautiful, of course, as expected. Christmas in Madeira is one of the most beautiful place to spend the holidays. Also, New Years Eve fire works are very impressive.
    People from Madeira are quite nice and friendly.

    KEEP IT UP MADEIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This was our first ever trip abroad together (Nov 07) and we found Funchal and Madeira in general quite stunning.
    The Christmas lights were only partly finished , but even then they looked superb.
    Can’t wait ti get back!!

  3. Madeira will be here waiting for you … each year again. Hope you enjoy the island as much as we do here.

    Abraço, Don Amaro

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