Madeira Paragliding

Lot of people will say that Madeira it’s mainly for older people. When I walk through the streets of Funchal or the park Santa Catherina I do see a lot of elderly tourists rambling around. So I understand why people say that Madeira is for seniors …… BUT … the thing is that those who believe this … they do not look up into the skies!! When you are on Madeira … keep an eye on the skies also (not when you are driving, please!) and then you will see what the juniors are all up to! Some of these youngsters are even dancing ….

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  1. Hi, there is one guy in Madeira, Mr. Isamberto, who has 73 years old, who is our senior paraglider.
    A young mind in an old body.

  2. I think that is the magic power that the island has … you forget your age .. without getting senile. I would love to meet Mr. Isamberto

  3. Who made this video? It is SUPERB! I used to fly a lot in Madeira 93 – 96 Isamberto is one cool dude!

  4. Hello! I never did it – but I want it so much! I’m going to visit Madeira after few weeks – how could I contact with someone, who could teach me paragliding? Or just to fly in tandem? 🙂

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