Easyjet Flights Madeira-Lisbon

EasyJetEASYJET has started to offer tickets for its new route between Madeira and Lisbon.

Another step to improve the low cost travel towards Madeira Islands … which will start on the 27th of October … exactly one year after starting with regular flights between London Stansted and Funchal.

This is good news for the regional tourist sector, in particular, and also for the madeirean, in general, as this new operation offers dirt-cheap prices, in comparison with other carriers in the same route. At the moment, the lowest offered ticket is just under the € 26.00 (all inclusive).

Easyjet is one of the best known low cost airlines, with low base prices, and that has revolutionized the concept of the aerial trips in the whole world … a concept that has been followed by others.

Website Easyjet : www.easyjet.com

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Regional Events Month of July

11 to 13 July – 53rd Livestock and Agribusiness Fair – Porto Moniz
Organized for the first time in 1955 in order to encourage development of animal rearing, this has become a rural event of particular importance to the Region. Various exhibits of animals and objects related to local farming are available for visitors to see in Santa – Porto Moniz. This takes place in a rural environment, and there are many outdoor stands providing home-made bread, espetada (beef skewer) and drinks.

19 to 20 July – 5th Regional Banana Fair – Madalena do Mar
The parish of Madalena do Mar is the venue for the Regional Banana Fair. This event, with several forms of revelry, is held in honor of one of the most important local agricultural products: the Madeira banana.

20 July – 5th Traditional Madeira Fishing Boat Regatta – Funchal
Funchal bay will be the scenery for the 5th Traditional Madeira Fishing Boat Regatta, which will start at 4 pm. The regatta course starts at Funchal pier and ends in Barreirinha, in the old part of the city. This annual event brings together sea folk from and outside the city and is part of the commemorations marking the 500th anniversary of Funchal city.

23rd July – Madeira International Athletics Meeting – Ribeira Brava
This is an athletics event, promoted by the Athletics Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. It is held in the Madeira Sports Centre, located at Ribeira Brava, on the West Coast.

23 to 26 July – Roots of the Atlantic (Raízes do Atlântico) Festival – Funchal
This is a traditional music festival with the participation of national and international artists within the area of World Music, as well as the best groups of traditional music from Madeira. The festival shall take place at the Municipal Garden auditorium in Funchal, with concerts starting at 9:30 pm every day.

31 July to 2 August – Madeira Wine Rally
This is one of the most important trials of the European Championship, and the most important sport event in the region. World-famous rally drivers bring their cars to this competition. Thousands of people fill the mountain slopes in order to find a good spot to watch the cars speeding.

Source: Madeira Tourism Board

Funchal Jazz Festival

For those of you who searches for “Jazz” on the web will notice that the last few years a new location has appeared on the top result pages, namely “Funchal Jazz Festival“.

Funchal Jazz FestivalThe 9th edition of authentic Jazz by famous artists, organized by Funchal Municipal Council, that will be held in the open air at the gardens of Quinta Magnólia on 3, 4 and 5 July.

On these days the folkloric “Bailinho da Madeira” will have to take a break and make place for the sounds of musical improvisation, swing, blue notes, call and response, polyrhythm, syncopation, topped with African American musical styles, seasoned with Western music techniques.

For more information about the festival visit: Funchal Jazz Festival