Easyjet Flights Madeira-Lisbon

EasyJetEASYJET has started to offer tickets for its new route between Madeira and Lisbon.

Another step to improve the low cost travel towards Madeira Islands … which will start on the 27th of October … exactly one year after starting with regular flights between London Stansted and Funchal.

This is good news for the regional tourist sector, in particular, and also for the madeirean, in general, as this new operation offers dirt-cheap prices, in comparison with other carriers in the same route. At the moment, the lowest offered ticket is just under the € 26.00 (all inclusive).

Easyjet is one of the best known low cost airlines, with low base prices, and that has revolutionized the concept of the aerial trips in the whole world … a concept that has been followed by others.

Website Easyjet : www.easyjet.com

More information of which airlines comes and goes to Madeira, visit our blog article Finding Flights to Madeira

6 Replies to “Easyjet Flights Madeira-Lisbon”

  1. Good news is always welcome! However the flight to Londom might be shorter than the traintrip from Stanton to the ……………….city. And on the way back to Madeira you have to be prepared not to go to bed before embarking, as you have to be at the check-in two hours before, i.e. around 7a.m.or earlier. Low cost comes at a price!

  2. Easyjet fly from Stansted airport which is 45 mins by rail to London. You can get there cheaper by bus, but it will take longer. Taxis are expensive. The check-in at all UK airports is 2 hours, the airline does not set this rule, but an hour and a half is OK. Looking at the flight times, there is no need to get in by 7.00am.

  3. The only problem with Easyjet is that it will be impossible to take flowers home from Madeira. All other airlines will let you put a box of flowers in the hold for no extra charge but not Easyjet. I travelled back to Bristol on Easyjet with a box of flowers. We had checked on one of their websites and they were encouraging visitors to take home flowers, with not a word about an wxtra charge. So we were allowed our box of flowers in the cabin. Everyone else had to pay extra. The flower industry is important to rural Madeira and someone from the Madeiran Government needs to have a strong word with Easyjet.

  4. The flower issue is of simple resolution…….

    On an organized and coordenated day, with representatives of the flower industry from Madeira, they will give a small and symbolic flower bunch to each passenger in a determine flight, for the purpose of being offered to the captain and crew at embarquing time. Service, good manners, and other advisable attitudes will prevail and require not to throw them away and to carry them throughout the flight…….. A Cabin filled with thousands and thousands of flowers, and carried for free. Could you guess? If crew can carry their flowers for free, from that moment on, passengers, will be able to it for sure……
    But, I’m waiting for October, to experience Easyjet to Madeira………

  5. Hi.please guide me to buy tickets from madeira to lisbon including hotel accomadation.cheapest and reliable.thanks

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