2 Replies to “WhatDoUDo4 Madeira’s Nature?”

  1. People visit the Madeira Island and its Laurisilva. Most of them think the money they paid to be able to see Mother Nature’s work on that tiny spot in the Atlantic Ocean, is enough. Wrong! The value is much much more worth than you think (actually what you have paid is a cheap bargain and not even close the value it represents).

    So that is why we ask what do (did) you do for the Nature in return?

    For example: Did you pick any stray garbage during your levada walk? Did you respect the tranquility of environment? Do you support any environmental protection? etc.

  2. The only thing I can do from a distance is to sign the online petition against the plans to build a cablecar on the Rabacal nature reservation. I hope that this will help stopping any destruction of that magnificent place. Places like this, untouched by humans, are getting rare to find now these days.

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