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Dear MadeiraBlog readers,

You might have noticed that these last few days (weeks) the publish frequency of this blog has been low. It is not that there is nothing else to write about anymore …. au cointraire! … there is (still) a lot to tell you about Madeira Islands.

Unfortunately two reasons have hold me back to post new articles on this blog.

One is the amount of work and projects that I am involved. My involvement in this area has increased the last few months. Plus at the same time I need to preserve my attention to my wife and loved ones, preventing any prejudice on this (private) level.

The second reason for my madeirablog-muteness is that I see certain developments are taking place that are threatening to damage that what, in my eyes, represents the beauty and the real Madeira. Authorities are changing areas and replacing it with so called ‘modern infrastructures’ …. all in the ‘benefit of the tourism’. Natural heritage are interfered with constructions and buildings …. ecological environments are not maintained and consider low-priorities (or even none) …. historical landmarks are forgotten or neglected … the focus is only to improve the tourism business … which often results in non-natural constructions. Each plant is considered to be a weed …. each cobblestone path needs to be removed and replaced with asphalt …. banana plantations are passé and bartered with hotels and large apartment constructions. And so on … and so on …

The objective of MadeiraBlog was to promote Madeira its nature, culture, history and beauty. This is done by virtue of the love and admiration I have for the islands. Providing you with information and recommendations that can be useful when you come and visit / stay on Madeira. In other words … promoting tourism.

Now … tourism is not a bad thing …. as a matter of fact tourism is very vital for the economy and survival on Madeira. However it is being used as the motive to justify the changes I mentioned above. Ergo promoting Madeira is supporting developments that damages ecological and historical heritages.

Bottom line is …. as long as there is no clear indication that the authorities or responsible organizations are ALSO investing in the environmental protection and Nature preservation of Madeira Islands,as well becoming more eco-conscious in all areas …. lacking any of these I will cease any promotional activity. Unless it assures that it will result in improving the last mentioned issues, in that case I will consider to give attention.

In simple words: my blog has become some what slow … till things improves.

Warm regards,

Don Amaro (editor Madeira Blog)

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As memórias que nunca se apagam

As memórias que nunca se apagam .… “The memories that never extinguish” … a regional film production that was presented at the International Festival of Cinema of Funchal (FICF). It is a short film made by two young filmmakers Dinarte Freitas and Eduardo Costa.

“As memorias que nunca se apagam” refers to the year 1936, in São Jorge, Madeira, where João, a young farmer, has a crush for Maria. They decide to flee to get married and refuge in a cave of Pico Ruivo but they end up being discovered by Antonio, the girl’s father who prevents them to see each other. João departs abroad and promises her that he will take her with him … but the time passes and João never returns …. till 2007, João is back to the island. Everything has changed … also Maria … but did their love also changed?

This is the first Madeireinse movie, made in Madeira and by Madeireans, but unfortunately the project has not been integrated in the commemorations of Funchal. It therefore lacks the support to be able to be shown in a proper film theater.

Watch the video-clip of this Madeirean motion picture Continue reading “As memórias que nunca se apagam”