Is Madeira Airport really scary?

1-Question InterviewToday’s One-question Interview is about Madeira International Airport …. also known as Funchal Airport and Santa Catarina Airport. Recently it got nominated in the top-10 scariest airports in the world.

Wedged in by one side the mountains and the other side the Atlantic ocean, it requires special training for pilots to do a clockwise approach. Some say that despite a unique extension that was completed back in 2003 and now expands the runway length to what should be a comfortable 2750 m, almost doubling the size of the runway, the approach to the runway is still hair-raising. Pilots must first point their aircraft at the mountains and, at the last minute, bank right to the runway.

Our question is:

Do you think that the Madeira Airport is a scary runway to land on?

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  1. yes it is possibly the number one scariest airport in the world.I am the worlds worst flyer, but I put up with the landing because the island of madeira is the number one place to be in the world.

  2. Madeira Airport is a save airport! Okay, in the past (when the runway was not extended yet) it was scary, but nowadays not anymore.

  3. I have been seeing a lot of articles on the web about the worlds top-ten scariest airports, and the Madeira International Airport was mentioned.

    Now I have landed on Madeira for the first time in 1979. The runway was not as long as it is now. True … the landing somewhat abrupt but not hair rising. At that time passengers applauded when we landed …. I thought it was a Portuguese custom.

    But nowadays the airport is much more longer and comfortable for landing. I see numerous planes landing each day. In 1977 was the only tragedy know to me, but since then unfortunate mishaps has taken place. And if you compare it with other airports …. see Amsterdam for example (latest tragedy few days ago) … I ask myself if it justifies that the Madeira airport is on that top-ten list? I doubt it seriously.

    There is one thing that I find aggravating … is that those who are responsible for the promotion and tourism on Madeira … do not react on these kind of exposure. It was mentioned that this year they will invest a lot in promoting Madeira Islands on the Internet through all available channels …. but in these cases it seems they decided to do the three monkeys philosophy (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). Unfortunately that will not work on the Internet … because when people search for Madeira airport … they will (continue to) see “evil” … unless somebody proves otherwise.

  4. Don’t think its the scariest but most def is one of the scariest especially in the old days where i gladly applauded the pilots for getting us down safely. The thing about it is that u actually fly along the side of the airport and see what ur getting into and what u see is the atlantic on one side, the atlantic on the other side and the mountains straight ahead. Getting scared just thinking about it…

  5. My first visit to the Island was in 1992, then 1994 1997 2000 and then in 2003 the aerport was ready since 2003 Iv’e been back to the Island 4 more times and my hair is still rising!! But to go to such a beautiful place nothing can replace it not even the scary feeling to land between the mountains and the Atlantic ocean.

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