Maritimo Goes Dutch

Club Sport Marítimo, commonly known as just Marítimo, is a Portuguese sports club which is best known for its football team that plays at the Estádio dos Barreiros in Funchal, Madeira Islands.

The new skipper of Marítimo, Mitchell van der Gaag (Dutch), will show the Portuguese lion how to roar like the Dutch (Orange) lion.

The Scottish newspaper The Sun published an interview with Mitchell:

“Life on Madeira is slow-paced – except if you’re boss of the island’s top team Maritimo. … Maritimo have a growing reputation in the Portuguese top flight but they’ve gone through TEN managers in just six years. …”

“There is plenty of quality, in terms of technical ability – but the main problem is the youth teams do not play high-level matches because it’s too far to travel. … Some players are also not driven by success. They don’t want to leave the island. … That’s the only down side to Madeira – life’s TOO good here. But to be a success you have to work for it, as Ronaldo has shown.”

Click here to read the full interview at The Sun