9 Replies to “Nudism or Topless on Madeira?”

  1. «Also is not allowed for women to go topless on the beach locations.»

    Not sure if this is true; it is common to see women in topless on Funchal and Porto Santo beaches, and the authorities and locals just don’t care about it.

  2. @Roberto: I heard from sources (a few related to government) that it was not allowed. Also I must confess that I have not seen any topless ladies yet (note: no … I am not a member of a topless-watch club). I heard rumors that even when tourist are staying outside Funchal … and sunbathing belly down topless … that locals would call the police. True or false?

  3. Madeira is more of a family resort and deaply catholic (although this seems to be relaxing). I don’t see this opening up any time soon and if it is allowed it would probably be in some remote obscure location. I have seen topless on the Island and the locals don’t seem to mind it but full nudidity i think would be going too far. It wouldn’t be to my taste but each to their own. As for, should the government allow this, why not? It makes business sence, as long as the people that it attracts are the decent kind and not the you know what… but i guess it might go hand in hand!
    My two cents!

  4. I don’t really believe that anyone will call the police because of being topless on beaches in European territories.

    Nudity has nothing to do with being family resort island. You can have both and tourists won’t care (probably just some locals). Spain and French territories are proof of that.

  5. What me wife does in the water to me may be
    for only our eyes but if some view us as
    nude, well we are just as we were when born
    or perhaps extreme fishing, I’ve the rod,
    my wife is the bait.

  6. Hi, we do not look for naturists beaches, but could someone help us to find a villa in our around Funchal for rent, with a garden private and secluded enough to practise naturism? Preferably last week of January 2011, rent up to 1.200 euro for a week. Should include 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

    Best regards

  7. First: If forbidden it maus tbe a 1930 law against public pudor violation
    Second: no one really cares, a couple of months ago there were two nordic topless women in the airport terminal varanda
    sometimes in Porto Santo cafés by the beach, seating in the Esplanade (not a nude beach).
    At most guys will stare at women, especially kids, but no will bother you. Locals will rarely go topless..there…sun tan marks are considered nice, btw.

  8. A minha mulher já fez “topless” no Lido da Madeira e na praia do Porto Santo. Em 1989 (repito 1989) um agente da Polícia Marítima disse-me, no Lido, que não havia lei nenhuma que proibisse. Em anos seguintes também não teve problemas. Porquê, então, esta incerteza que desigualiza as mulheres perante os homens? Já vi mamas masculinas maiores do que as de muitas mulheres.
    Será que as mamas femininas excitam os homens? E então as nádegas, os pés e outras partes do corpo? Porque é que se podem mostrar? Também não excitam os homens? E o que excita as mulheres, algumas para quem o peito masculino é um fetiche? Será que os homens vão ter de voltar a usarfatos de banho com alças outra vez?
    É tudo uma questão de hábito. Deixemo-nos de hipocrisias e, senhores do Governo Regional, oficializem esse direito às mulheres e não deixem as praticantes com o “credo na boca” com medo de alguma queixa de qualquer pseudo-púdico. Assim é que se faz turismo. E, já agora, para quando uma zona naturista na praia do Porto Santo?

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