Heroes of Madeira

Two photo galleries (a maybe more will come) to honor all the rescuers, police personnel, firemen, civil workers, emergency personnel, soldiers, victims and others for their great effort in rescue, support and restoring back the island as it was.

There is a real sense of unity and dedication as the community here on Madeira works together to overcome the recent events. The rate at which this being achieved is quite phenomenal.

All these people are the real heroes of Madeira

Click on the image to go to the photo gallery.

3 Replies to “Heroes of Madeira”

  1. O povo Madeirense bem conhecido por tudo o mundo por a sua forza de braveza no trabalho, e aqui novamente a demonstrar esa peculiaridade de esta gente simple, humilde e de grande coraçao.

  2. Tenho ido umas poucas vez a Madeira pelo menos 3 vezes nos ultimos 5 anos e notei que o povo madeirense estava muito mas amigo e agora esta provado, forca Madeira

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