3 Replies to “The Story of Pico de Arieiro Mountain [VIDEO]”

  1. I find the voice annoying – but this is personal of course… and the add in the beginning even more so… not sure it is worth the few cents…
    The pictures are nice though!!

  2. First of all Pico do Areeiro is 1818 meters high and Pico Ruivo measures 1861. We don’t have 5000 km of levada’s, but still an astonishing 2150 KM. Like you said, the pictures are nice, but they talk a lot about food while Madeira has so much more to offer.

  3. From the point of view of an Irish visitor who will be coming back I thought the video clip interesting and informative and the pictures gave me a lovely flash back to mky last visit. The voice was far less annoying than some Americans; in fact it was quite soft. You got an extraordinarily beautiful island and a wonderful holiday destination, so big it up as often and as much as possible. Obrigado to Blog Madeira for sharing.

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