Madeira by Jan Prehnal Baterka

We found another great (private) video about Madeira Island, filmed and edited by Jan Přehnal Baterka.

Short interview with Jan Přehnal Baterka:

Why the video?
“My big hobby is traveling and make videos. I made it for fun, for sharing with my friends without any support.”

What film equipment did you use?
“I use Panasonic GH1 + kit lens 14-140mm + Samyang 8mm 3/5, Nikkor 50mm 1/4 and tripod”

What editing software did you use?
“Software that I use: Adobe premier CS5, After effect CS5 + many plugins”

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  1. Impressive, beautiful, breathtaking, I love the Island with all my heart. Hope to be able to go and live there when I’m done with working. This video tells the love in a way that words can never do.

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