Timeshare Questions

levadeiro/ June 2, 2006/ Madeira, Timeshare, Uncategorized

I just received the following question about Time Share:

We have the following question. 5 years ago we bought a time-share. Now have an enormous debt of about 15,000 euro and we pay each month 278 euro. Now the maintenance costs are for this year almost 500 euro. We can’t afford to pay this. What will happen if we do not pay the maintenance costs? We hope you will be able to answer us this. Regards.

Unfortunately I cannot give them an answer as this depends on the situation and especially the conditions the agreed on when buying the time share.

I do not know much about timesharing … but what I do know is that there are many pro’s and con’s (or better said: people that are in favour of and people that are against it) concerning timesharing.

I also know that many of you have found this blog through a search request using the words timeshare or timesharing. And therefore not leave you ‘empty-handed’ I have here a few sites that might help you further on the topic of timesharing: