Murphy’s Law

levadeiro/ June 8, 2006/ Life, Madeira, Travel, Uncategorized

Most tourists and holiday’s participants, who never worked nor were related to some kind of tourism organization, often do not realize what is going behinds the scenes of the tourism and travelling branch. Here on the island of Madeira we can notice this hidden world … where a large community is working hard and long … just to please the island visitor who is planning to spend his/her holiday … relaxing and enjoying the environment.

Unfortunately there are many visitors that think they are the only ones visiting the island … and get annoyed when things are not going well. Of course you get angry if there is a problem during your vacation … but in my case I try to solve it first and then try to figure out how it could happen … but preferably after my holiday. Regrettably some visitors make a big fuss out of this and do not realize that, if it was a human error, it is not always intentionally. Sentences such as ‘mistakes can happen’ are not in they vocabulary. And then they threaten with complaints and/or lawsuits against the travel institute or person.

They also do not realize that the island receives more than hundred of visitors per day … per day! … and all clients of the tourism and holiday community on the island … hotels, travel agents, guides, bus drivers, taxi drivers, restaurants, leisure agencies etc. I noticed that people in the holiday business here are working hard and long. Most of them are working from 7 pm till 9 am … and the Saturdays and Sundays are for most of them just working days.

For those who are planning to visit Madeira (or other destination in the world) … my message is the following:

Enjoy your holiday … even if when things go wrong. Help the people who are trying to solve your problem instead of making them more nervous with claims or threats. Rely on the fact that people are busy with your case … even you do not hear or see any immediate results. Of course if you have doubts …take contact with your travel agent. Be aware that Murphy’s Law especially applies to these kinds of areas where people are working 7 days per week … more than 12 hours per day … with hundred clients per day.