Wheelchair friendly?

levadeiro/ July 14, 2006/ FAQ, Madeira, Travel, Uncategorized

Is Madeira wheelchair friendly (or not)? How are the access to hotels, restaurants and attractions?

The answer to this is unfortunately …. not friendly at all! Even with the EU law (October 2004 ) saying that all EU countries must have disable access in all public places ….. Madeira is not giving this much attention. With all the steep hills, stairs etc. this is not making it easy at all.

Some new hotels have lifts that is wide enough for a wheelchair to enter, but not all of them.

I think it is a shame that not everybody can enjoy the beauties the island offers. If you are thinking to come to Madeira … and you or your acquaintance needs the usage of a wheelchair …please enquire through your travel agent about the possibilities and probable complications you might encounter.

However … the local people of Madeira are known to be very helpful … thus you always can depend in someone’s assistance during your trip on the island.