Modernization brings Madeira to a crossroads

levadeiro/ July 26, 2006/ Life, Madeira, Uncategorized


For Centuries, this Portuguese haven in the mid-Atlantic has captivated visitors with its stunning beauty, semitropical climate and open-armed hospitality.

The bustling capital, Funchal, is literally a work of art, with miles of hand-laid mosaic-tile walkways leading to exotic gardens, colorful boutiques and refreshing pools amid five-star resort hotels.

And the mountainous interior, with peaks thrusting beyond 6,000 feet, is like discovering Superman’s Lair of Solitude, with a pervasive tranquillity and natural grandeur.

But explosive growth, especially in the last decade, has left Madeira at a crossroads that threatens its promise as an idyllic getaway.

While the new prosperity has helped fuel the development boom — with rampant construction of private homes, residential complexes and more hotels, amid escalating property values — the growing congestion threatens like a tsunami to overwhelm the island’s culture, grace and charm.

“There are almost as many cars now as people,” said Luisa Silva, a bank employee in Funchal, where nearly half of the island’s 250,000 people live, making it the most densely populated city in the European Union.

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