Monthly Archives: August 2006

The Challenge in the Atlantic

For the first time in the history three swimmers will try to swim a 25 km passage between Madeira and the islands of Desertas. It will be the longest passage in open waters ever done in Portugal … seven hours of swim … distance of 13 nautical miles … called “Desafio no Atlântico” (Challenge in the Atlantic). The three “brave”

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Light Guard (Joerg) from Freiburg, Germany has just published more then 360 Madeira photos on his Flickr album. Now there are a lot of other Madeira albums … but that of Light Guard is a must to see. Go to the Slideshow (Macromedia Flash Player required) or Go to his 2006 Madeira photo set.

Old Town will be New Town

ON: Porto Bay’s initiative to revive Funchal’s “Old Town” The old section of Funchal, its revitalization and energizing, has motivated the Porto Bay group. This is where ON begins, a project of cultural and social intervention that brings together activities of “fusion art” and artistic demonstrations which will take place on the following 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September. The

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Tea for Two

Reid´s Palace Hotel …. the oldest hotel on the island of Madeira … and also very colonial, … there you can have afternoon tea sitting on the Tea Terrace overlooking Funchal Bay … while smart waiters in white dinner jackets lay out starched white linen table cloths and served tea in an atmosphere of quiet conversation and live piano music.

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Best Pictures

Click on the following link for a collection of Madeira’s best pictures (the link will be available for the next 30 days) Best Pictures

Porto Santo @ Paradise

For those who thought that Porto Santo is a dull and deserted island …. Well think again! The island of Porto Santo is hosting a musical event dedicated to lovers of electronic music, from 10 to 12 August …. Porto Santo @ Paradise The line-up for this event includes famous international DJs such as Luca Ricci and Trentemoller, and more.

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Extra Madeira Live Festival

For those that have tickets for the festival there will be free transportation (busses) from/to Funchal at the building of Electricity Company (Casa da Electricidade). Departures from Funchal: 17h00, 17h30, 19h00, 19h30, 21h00, 21h30, 23h00 and 23h30. Departures from São Vicente: Starting from 1h00 in the morning. Form more information about the festival please check my previous blog article Jamiroquai

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Levadas Under Construction

I do hate the word ‘Under Construction‘ … but in this case it is different … To everybody that is planning to do a Levada walk these following months, please be advised that the following main Levada passages will be closed for the pedestrians, due to labour to improve the safety and increasing the benefit of leisurely walk. Pico do

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