Tea for Two

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Reid´s Palace Hotel …. the oldest hotel on the island of Madeira … and also very colonial, … there you can have afternoon tea sitting on the Tea Terrace overlooking Funchal Bay … while smart waiters in white dinner jackets lay out starched white linen table cloths and served tea in an atmosphere of quiet conversation and live piano music. It is a great experience.

For those who want to enjoy an afternoon tea at the (famous) Reid´s Palace … here is a list plus description of the varieties of tea … to help you make a choice.

Earl Grey: If you enjoy the floral notes of Bergamot, this tea will become your favourite! This exceptional combination of Darjeeling, Assam, Chinese, and Sri Lankan teas, sprayed with the pure oil of Bergamot has been satisfying our customers for generations. Low in tannin.

Darjeeling: A full orange pekoe long leaf tea from India; with a full, mellow taste.

Ceylon: Sri Lanka. This is probably closest to what most Westerners think of when they think of tea: reddish-brown liquor, brisk, full flavour. Low in tannin.

English Breakfast: A very copious and rich broken tea mixture blended in fine English tradition.

Reid’s Blend: Reid´s own. A light, but satisfying cup of tea at any time of the day.

Lapsang Souchong: Chinese tea, lightly smoked using pine needles, which produce a striking smoky odour and flavour.

Green Tea: Chinese tea, that is picked and then quickly dried, pan-fried, steamed or fired in an oven. The goodness of the leaf is sealed inside. Given the high levels of polyphenols, it is believed to have the greatest amount of health benefits.

Bancha: Japanese late-harvested green tea – unfermented – became more and more popular in Western societies. Without caffeine.

Tropix: Tea with tropical fruit and fruit essence.

Infusions: Made from lime-blossom, verbena, jasmine, peppermint, camomile. Should be steeped at least 8 minutes – after that time infusion gains its unique taste and aroma.

Further more you will also get a selection of finger sandwiches, fresh baked scones, home-made pastries … an all of that for 23 Euros per person. The High Tea is served from 15h00 to 17h30 in the Reids Lounge and on the Tea Terrace.

You must make reservations at the hotel … call (+351) 291 717171

Another advice …. dress smart casual to the tea time and do not try to get in with shorts on or flip-flops, … otherwise you will feel out of place.

Location: Reid’s Palace Hotel, Estrada Monumental 139, Funchal (Madeira)