Review: Spa & Wellness – The Golden Residence

levadeiro/ February 22, 2007/ Guest Bloggers, Hotels, Reviews, Uncategorized

(By Willisha)

Yesterday my friend and I have treated ourselves with a beauty day in the newest hotel of Madeira, The Golden Residence Hotel ( The hotel offers good Spa & Wellness facilities, with all kinds of treatments and packages, for reasonable prices.

We started with a Rasul (maybe you have the same question as me: what is a Rasul???). Well, this is a steam shower, you apply several sorts of clay all over your body (white for the face, yellow for the décolleté, brown for the belly, grey for the elbows, knees and feet and brown (lots of brown!) for the rest of the body. This relaxes you already and detoxes the body. You can do this alone or with your partner or friend (there is place for 2 persons), you can imagine the fun we had! After 20 minutes a soft shower started to sprinkle, so we could get rid of all the colours of our body.

My next step was the SoftPack. This is a superb experience: a bath that doesn’t make you wet! You are floating on a hot water mattress, while your body is absorbing the Aloe Vera (for example). After 10 minutes I was sleeping!

To complete the program you can choose for a massage like I did, but next time I want to experience the hot stone treatment. After a nice lunch in the restaurant it was time to enjoy the Turkish bath and the sauna.

This was our first visit, but surely not the last one!

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