Video: Motorbike ride on Madeira

levadeiro/ February 27, 2007/ Driving, Rally, Uncategorized, Video

Those who come to Madeira often and hires a car to drive around might have noticed that some locals think that they were born too slow and seek to cross the borders of speed limits. Not only cars, but motorcycles, trucks and even some buses. Luckily not all members of the road have this ‘kick’.

But often you will hear from behind the roaring sound of a motor-devil that is announcing his presence … passes you by in a wink of your eyes .. and vanishes in the next curve leaving you with a impression of one second.

Most of these bikers do not care much about their own life and the only thing they want is to reach the climax of breaking the speed limits on the road.

Look at the video …. made here on Madeira. Watch the speedometer! This is low-flying! And guess how these guys were ‘dressed’ on their bikes? (the only sure protection would be the helmet).

And if the person who added this video is the one who was driving …. you would not believe how old he is ….. 😯