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Beaches and Nightlife

What is the best time of the year to go to Madeira? To go to the beach. And how is the nightlife on Madeira? Where in Madeira can you do all this? During the whole year it is a good time to go to Madeira. Only during the first months of the year I have experienced some periods with showers,

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Route Planner

The website of ViaMichelin offers a very comprehensive and highly accurate route-planning service. By giving a specific location (address, station, zip code, city or airport) for both your departure and destination, it determines your route. Additional is also offers several extra choices to improve the accuracy of your generated map. This is one of the most popular route planners online.

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Funchal 500 Regatta

Falmouth will host the Funchal 500 Regatta tall ships event … that will take place on September 10 till 13 year 2008. It is anticipated that up to eight of the large A Class vessels will assemble in Falmouth for the start of the race providing a magnificent sight. The Regatta will be the centre piece of year long celebrations

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Video: Toboggan Ride

Here are a few impressions of the toboggan sledge ride from Monte to Funchal:

Daylight Saving Time

Don’t forget … on Madeira the Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday (25 Mar 2007 – 01:00). Especially island visitors who has booked a tour on this Sunday … please be aware of the time change. Tip: ask the reception of your hotel to give you a wake-up call. But also keep in mind that it can happen that the

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Madeira Island Open … dance

The 2007 edition of the Madeira Island Golf Open has started today … Over 100 competitors from the PGA European Tour will be competing for the 700,000 euro prize money at the Santo da Serra Golf Club. But as my father would say ‘enough talking …. let me see you dance!‘ ….. and so lets watch those golfers ‘dance‘ on

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Funchal Balloon down

Those who are visiting today Funchal (the capital city of Madeira) will notice that something is missing. One of the latest landmarks of the city vanished today into the thin air. Actually it lost all its air! No, this is not a 1st April joke … because it is to soon yet. The panoramic balloon of Balloon Vision was destroyed

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Strong Winds

Please be advised that for the next period till Wednesday we will be expecting strong winds on the island. According to the Portuguese Instituto de Meteorologia there will be very strong winds relatively to maximum gust speed up to 100km/h on the higher regions of the island. While writing this I have experienced part of these winds in the morning

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Travellers Complaints

Though hotels, travel agencies, transportation companies, travel guides and reps try their best to fulfill the customer needs …. unfortunately this is not always 100% guaranteed. Result …. in most cases the tour operators receive complaints from the “˜victimized” travellers. These complaints are serious …. although there are few ones that makes you wonder ….. Customer booked a hotel room

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Madeira Island Open Golf

This year, the Madeira Island Open Golf Tournament 2007, one of the main PGA European Tour events, will be held between 21 and 25 March, at the Santo da Serra Golf Course. This year’s event will feature 144 competitors from the PGA European Tour competing for EUR 700,000 in prize money. Every year, this European circuit tournament brings together the

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Important differences

According to you, what are the most important differences between your country and the island of Madeira? Here is a selection of the answers we received on that question…. Anabela (from unknown): Thank you for the question. The difference between my country and Madeira is simply like the old adage “the grass is greener on the other side”, that is,

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Video: Surfing

Person 1: I am going to Madeira for Holidays. Person 2: What? Madeira?? Only old people goes for holidays to that island! There is nothing there for young people like us. Person 1 (looking at the hair of person 2 …. which is grey!) Like you?? Person 2: Yes! Name one typically thing that young people can do there on

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Video: Tandem Paragliding

Most of you know what Paragliding is (if not click here). But are you familiar with Tandem Paragliding? In a Tandem Paragliding, the instructor flies a glider that is built for 2 and can handle over a 500 lb payload. The instructor manages the safety and the student gets to experience the amazing paragliding at first hand. I found a

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Holiday Adventure on the High Seas

Crossing the Atlantic under sail has captured the imagination of mariners and “landlubbers” for centuries. It still does so today, despite the advent of faster and more convenient means of travel. Such a feat had remained the preserve of a few, until 2006 when Solent-based company ONDECK Sailing launched its TRANSATLANTIC ADVENTURE RALLY to offer an unrivalled opportunity for amateurs

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International Women’s Day

Today (8th of March) is International Women’s Day (IWD). Economic, political and social achievements of women are celebrated today worldwide. Read more >>

Ferry link to Madeira starts again

The seasonal weekly ferry service, from our neighbouring Canary Islands to our archipelago, starts again on June 16. The Naviera Armas ferry, Volcan de Tamadaba will be leaving Santa Cruz every Saturday night at 10.30 pm over summer and docking in Funchal the following morning at 8 am. See also our previous blog about the ferry

Gay and Lesbian scene

Portugal, and also the Madeira Archipelago, has a long history of repression and public intolerance of homosexuality. Luckily these days … the voices of repression have simmered down and can be ignored … as Madeira has become generally tolerant of homosexuality, which was decriminalized in 1982, eight years after the Carnation Revolution. While in Lisbon, Oporto and Algarve the gay

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