Important differences

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According to you, what are the most important differences between your country and the island of Madeira?

Here is a selection of the answers we received on that question….

Anabela (from unknown):

Thank you for the question. The difference between my country and Madeira is simply like the old adage “the grass is greener on the other side”, that is, I find that Madeira has both of the est worlds to offer in terms of living conditions,social infrastructures, the environments is still much protected as is is most world patrimonies;thought, Madeira’s beauty does not compare to any other countries I have visit. Madeira is, definitely, much different with the Atlantic all around the island as well as the exotic trees and fruits. The sceneries from the top of the mountains overlooking the Atlantic as well the unspoken and majestic beauty of its cliffs.
The people are still very friendly and especially country folk. Lots of street coffees and snack bars for coffee and beer lovers.
People in Madeira still prefer to eat natural foods based on fresh fish, veggies, fruits,and whole grains.
So, in a nut shell, this is what I have observed with the things that i find different in Madeira.

Willisha (from The Netherlands):

For me the biggest difference between the Netherlands and Madeira is the weather! You can compare the weather on Madeira in winter time with spring in the Netherlands!
The tolerance in traffic is much higher on Madeira (they are used to stupid tourists who are not used to drive on the curvy, small and steep streets).
But a negative difference is the fact that they don’t know drop, the famous licorice…

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