Travellers Complaints

levadeiro/ March 18, 2007/ Fun, Madeira, Travel, Uncategorized

Though hotels, travel agencies, transportation companies, travel guides and reps try their best to fulfill the customer needs …. unfortunately this is not always 100% guaranteed. Result …. in most cases the tour operators receive complaints from the “˜victimized” travellers. These complaints are serious …. although there are few ones that makes you wonder …..

Customer booked a hotel room with sea view:
“I could not sleep because of the noise of the sea!”

Complaint after a holiday on Madeira:
“We did not expect to be surrounded by so many Portuguese and very few English people?”

Complaint after taking the Toboggan Ride:
“It is irresponsible! They did not have any crash helmet for us!”

Complaint after first eating Espada at a restaurant and then visiting the fish-hall at Mercado dos Lavradores:
“I want to complain that the restaurant has given me that awful looking fish to eat!”

Request to a hotel:
“I have a request for Mr and Mrs xxxxx. They are both deaf and would like to be given a quiet room.”

Complaint to the cable car company:
“There were not even parachutes under the seats!”

Complaint about the performance of the local folk dancers in a hotel:
“They sang only in Portuguese!”

Complaint after visiting Madeira:
“Nobody told me the place was surrounded by an ocean!”

Another complaint after visiting Madeira:
“The locals did not wear any typical costumes, only the latest fashion and all of them drove in cars and not one sledge with an ox!”

Complaint about a restaurant:
“There are only two choices of wine at dinnertime … red and white!”

Complaint after visiting the Aqua Park:
“Nobody told us that we had to take our own towels and swimming costumes!”

Remark of a customer after visiting Funchal:
“It was shame. Taxi drivers had to push their cars to the next free parking space!”

Complaint about a flight:
“We were given two seats on the plane near the exit doors and because of the draught coming from the doors we were in bed with a cold for 8 days!”

Customer complaint after a trip on Santa Maria (and the sea was clam):
“I got sea sick! They should warn me about that!”

Complaint after visiting Funchal:
“All those men playing cards in the park. It should be forbidden!”

Complaint about the Reids hotel:
“We had to use what used to be the back entrance of the hotel! Unheard-of!”

Does anyone else know other funny complaints? Share it with us ….