Funchal Balloon down

levadeiro/ March 19, 2007/ Funchal, Madeira, Uncategorized

Those who are visiting today Funchal (the capital city of Madeira) will notice that something is missing. One of the latest landmarks of the city vanished today into the thin air. Actually it lost all its air!

No, this is not a 1st April joke … because it is to soon yet.

Funchal Cable BalloonThe panoramic balloon of Balloon Vision was destroyed by the strong winds that are taking place these days on the island of Madeira. The cable balloon started its first lift to the sky on June 2004 and was located at Avenida do Mar, next to the pier and the ex-Beatles yacht The Vagrant. It went up about 150 meters of height, offering a panoramic sight on the city of Funchal.

Due to the winds the cable balloon was not operational and it was anchored by cables and ropes fasten around the balloon. Unfortunately the wind got worse this morning, making the balloon to swing in such a way that caused to break a few of the cables, destroying the balloon.