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The website of ViaMichelin offers a very comprehensive and highly accurate route-planning service. By giving a specific location (address, station, zip code, city or airport) for both your departure and destination, it determines your route. Additional is also offers several extra choices to improve the accuracy of your generated map. This is one of the most popular route planners online.

If you think that the Michelin’s route planner does not have an island such as Madeira in its database … then you thought wrong. I have managed to generate a few routes with the airport of Madeira Airport as the starting departure point to several destinations on the island. I must confess that you need to know the exact name of the location and that the stipulated route is not as detailed and accurate as I thought it would be …. but it gives you an idea the time and distance between the two places.

For those who arrive at the airport and have arranged a rental car for the first time here on Madeira, they can use the following driving directions to calculate and plan their route to their hotel, casa, apartment, quinta or holiday villa …. however I advise to always follow the official driving instructions you received when booking the accommodation.

Click the next lines for the ViaMichelin’s route planner from Madeira International Airport ….

To Calheta
To Porto Moniz
To Santana
To Curral das Freiras (‘Nuns Valley’)

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