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Madeira is safe, but …

Our last blog (Is Madeira Safe?) we received lots of comments from visitors that find Madeira Island a safe place to visit. However …. we did received reports that in March tourists were robbed during a walk at Levada dos Piornais east of Quebradas and the Levada dos Tornos. Information tells us that the attackers were caught, but it is

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Is Madeira safe?

Just received an unexpected question from Joan S. (Cincinnati, US) My husband and I are fed up. We are searching the web for places with no or low criminality. We came across your blog. Is this island Madera a safe place? We need to go away from all these VT killings, massacre and terror. Thanx Joan Madeira is a friendly

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Cops and Robbers

(A word to the wise by Gina Leach) A few weeks ago my father had an eye operation here on the island. Having spent a long day with him and my mother in the hospital I brought them home at 6.30 in the evening. Parking the car outside their house, Dad was still a bit doddery from his op so

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo from the Madeira Island … seeks to be the best of the best (ever) in the world of soccer / football. “Cristiano at 22 has definitely got to the level of the best player in the world. Thereafter it will be up to the people and coaches around the world to decide if he is as good as

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Carros de Madeira

These last Friday the people of Camacha were witness of hazardous speed limits breaking race. It was the 3rd edition of the Carros de Madeira race. Reckless race drivers risked their lives on the streets of Camacha …. were hundred populace watched with fear in their hearts these phenomenon’s of the road passing by as greased lighting. And making it

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Best travel tip

What is according to you the best travel tip you have heard or know of? Now … if you are a hotel manager … you will probably say to book at my hotel … or if you are a restaurant owner to come eat at my restaurant. No, we would like to know practical tips for people visiting the Madeira

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Feliz Páscoa

Happy Easter Vrolijk Pasen Frohe Ostern Joyeuses Pâques Felices Pascuas Buona Pasqua Glad PÃ¥sk God pÃ¥ske Hyvää pääsiäistä S prazdinkom Pasxi PS: visitors from Marakoka blog … to read the complaints please click here.

Regatta Les Sables РMad̬re

17th June – 5th July 2007 the first edition of the French regatta “Les Sables-Madere-Les Sables” will take place. Class 40 sailboats will travel through the Atlantic highway to finish their first leg at the marina of Quinta do Lorde. This marina is located on the extreme east side of the island, 4 km from the fishing village of Caniçal,

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People who lives (or visits) the Madeira Islands will notice that it has an extraordinary climate. The island shows several (large) microclimates thanks to its orography, its geographical location and the kaleidoscopic effect of the mountains and Atlantic Ocean. Here on the island of Madeira Mother Nature plays with the weather … dividing it into two (even three) regions: south/west

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Levadas Me Levem

Fernando Deghi, musician, researcher, composer, arranger and maestro of the Guitarra do Sertão, the Guitar from Sertão, origin inlands northeast of Brazil. Fernando has dedicated himself to pull this guitar from the shadows of forgotten and to put it back in to the spotlights. With his compositions he explorers the melody borders that the guitarra can reach using the most

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